Alum : A Path to Spiritual Purity & Clarity

A Webinar by Velu Jayaprakash

Alum is a naturally occurring mineral that has been used for various purposes throughout the history in both practical and spiritual contexts. In practical terms, it is often used as a food preservative and in pickling. It is also used in water treatment to clarify and purify drinking water and also as a styptic (to stop bleeding from cuts).

In spiritual and magical contexts, alum is believed to have protective properties and is often used in spells and rituals to ward off negative energy and evil spirits. It is also said to enhance psychic abilities and to bring clarity and focus to the mind. Alum is also used as a key ingredient in traditional spiritual practices like making spiritual bath, warding off evil eye and negative energies etc.

Alum offers more benefits than the ones mentioned above. So lets discover more through this webinar where you will learn –

  • Make your own shield for home.
  • The secret of placing alum in the puja room
  • Uses of Alum lamp
  • Remedy to avoid mosquitoes.
  • How to get rid of negative energy, remove Drishti
  • How to solve the problem in relationship, finance, health.
  • Solutions to reduce anger.
  • Health benefits of Alum

Do you know that Alum is easily available in market at 10-15 rupees and it has more benefits than you can count on your fingers? Whether you are a house maker, spiritual seeker, researcher, student, or industry professional, this session will provide you with valuable information on the versatile and cost-effective mineral that is alum.


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