Prevention of Dengue in an ancient way.

With the threat of Dengue increasing, we see a lot repeated post about parents worrying about dengue in our whatsapp group,  even our closest family members especially our young and the old are most vulnerable because of their age. If treated early, it is fully curable but can be fatal if untreated. When my family fell victim, besides reaching them to a good medical facility for immediate intervention, I sought the advice our ayurvedic doctor to supplement their speedy recovery and rebuild their immune system naturally and effectively.

Dengue is a viral infection spread by mosquitos, it starts with fever for initial 3 to 5 days, after the fever settles, the platelet count will come down drastically! Usually for a normal person platelet count in blood should be above 2 lakhs. In allopathy, the usual treatment of dengue is to bring down fever with paracetamol tablets, and to monitor the platelet count, if it goes below 20,000, then blood transfusion or steroid treatments will begin.

There are some proven research about an enzyme found in Papaya leaves, to considerably arrest platelet loss, and increase the count. Another element which plays a vital role in controlling the virus is Mountain Neem Leaf (Nila Vembu in Tamil).

After taking Papaya leaf extract and Nila vembu decoction, we saw noticeable increase in platelet count and a speedy recovery. These two can be taken as a preventive medicine, so that either we escape from the virus being multiplied inside the body or even if affected, the severity will be dramatically reduced.

It is indeed a time to realize how our ancient texts has answers to many deadly diseases. As per siddha medicines, a fever itself is classified into 64 types in which it is treated at two levels, firstly they work on curative mode, and secondly, for a longer time, they work on preventive level. Few things we can be followed from the preventive mode


Natural way:

Take one full leaf of papaya, chop it fine and grind it manually or in a grinder without water. Filter the extract and take one tea spoon of the juice for 5 days daily and stop. Honey can be mixed if needed. Do not intake anything for 20 mins. Ayurvedic Method: For children under 5 years: 5 ml Amrutarishtam + 5 ml Dasamoolarishtam + 10ml boiled and cooled water. Twice daily after food for 3 days and stop. For children 5-10 years 5 ml Amrutarishtam + 5 ml Dasamoolarishtam + 10ml boiled and cooled water. Thrice daily after food for 3 days and stop.


Siddha Method:
Nila Vembu Kudineer (Kasayam mix) 10 grams and boil it in 300ml water and wait till it turns into 30 ml.
Children below 7 can take 15ml daily once for 5 days.
Children above 7 can take 20 -30 ml once for 5 days.

Important point here is to keep the body hydrated. So drink plenty of fluids. Buy these herbs from well known companies and do not buy any local unknown brands.

On behalf of our lovely parents who support and encourage us in reviving our ancient knowledge.