Thinai sweet pongal (Foxtail millet)


Foxtail millet -1 cup
Greengram dal -1/4 cup
Jaggery -1 1/2 cup
Cardamon powder-2 tsp
Ghee-3 to 4 tbls
Cashew nut-25grms
Dry grapes-25grms


Wash the foxtail millet and dal.
Soak it in water for 10mins
Add three times of water to it(1:3) and pressure cook.
Leave 3 whistles and simmer it for 5 mins.
Then take Jaggery in a kadai and pour little water just to melt it and filter it to remove the impurities.
Then again heat the filtered jaggery ,avoid stirring it.
Remove once it turns to light syrup consistency.
Fry few cahew nuts and dry grapes in ghee.
Add jaggery syrup to cooked millet n dal and blend it.
Then add cardomom powder, fried cashew n dry grapes .Blend it well.
Now sweet thinai pongal is ready.
After shifting to the serving bowl ,spread a tbls of ghee over it .so that it won’t get dry.

Author: Seetha Lakshmi

I'm a homemaker and a mother of 7yrs old son.I strongly believe in Thirumoolar's word"Food is medicine". My quest regarding ancient food recipes started a year back. I'm very happy to share and learn through this initiative from Swarna prashana.