Sacred Threads & Knots

A Gurukul by Velu Jayaprakash

Strengthen the roots of ancient ritual through a story of knots and threads woven around culture and spiritual guidance for blessings, protection, and divine connection

Are you tired of sieving truth from fabricated stories about one of the most traditional practices?

Are you looking for ways to piece together ancient practices with scientific explanations?

Do you want to embrace spiritual guidance without twists and turns?

If you are willing to go on a sensory exploration about the sacred thread, we will gift you an opportunity.

HLP world is bringing a golden chance to debunk and untangle knots of misinformation and bring to surface truths and facts that have been submerged with time.

From knowing the different colors and materials used to tie at different parts of the body to choosing the color, it will be a complete hands-on session with guidance on protection, divine connection, and empowerment.

The session is carefully stitched with bagful of information on:

  • How to tie a knot and how many knots to tie?
  • Who should prepare it and how to clean it?
  • What are the related mantras for specific purposes?
  • What are the benefits; what evils can be prevented?
  • What is its role in witchcraft?
  • How long the effect lasts?

Family heads, astrologers, family matriarchs, priests, celebrants, and everyone else can learn and bring it to use and help themselves and the community around them.

We are opening the doors for learning this subtle culture @Bangalore! Join us!

black pleated fabric placed on table

Date & Time:
25th June 2023, 8AM – 4PM IST

Montfort Spirituality Center, Bengaluru

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Enrolment closes by:
22nd Jun 2023 11:11 PM IST

More details, contact
Minu : +91 95135 80222