Art of Introducing Books to Children – Lockdown Webinar Series

By Divya Nadiyanselvam


Divya Nadiyaselvam is a curious learner, mother of two beautiful souls. She has played a very important and significant role in lot of areas for the HLP Community . Her contribution in the area of Translation of ancient scripts is remarkable.She is also a passionate follower of HLP Community .

 One of the greatest gifts adults can give to their offspring and to the society is to read out to children.Discover the Magic of Reading and Story Telling on Children’s developing Brain  

 Topics covered in the Webinar:

Benefits of introducing books and stories to kids

Tips to introduce books at an early age

Enable kids to read on their own and develop their love for reading

Available resources

Date 13th June

Time 9am to 10 am ( IST) 40min session, 20min Q&A

Place : Facebook Live

Enrollment Link:

CONTACT : +91 95135 80222 ( Mrs. Minu Amar)