Aval/Poha Ladoo


Aval: 200g
Mix of walnuts, cashews and badam: 50g
Brown sugar: 200g
Cardamom powder: 2 tsp
Desi ghee:100 ml



Grind brown Brown sugar separately
Grind the nuts separately
Grind the aval separately
Mix the powders without any lumps… heat the ghee and add to the mixture and make ladoos.

Healthy ladoos ready to give power for the chota bheems of our house….

Black rice aval(Karuppu Kavuni)can be substituted with other Millets and flattened rice like Ragi aval, Bajra Aval/Poha , Diabetic/Arthirites Poha ( Kattuyanam), Normal Aval or Poha