This start-up may make choosing school easier

Since we have been conducing Swarna Prashana camps at various schools across Bangalore, paretns often ask us give a candid feedback about the schools and pre-schools. In those, line, Today article from The Hindu mentioned about a start-up company, that actually does this. Thought this will be use full for paretns. We are no way directly or indirectly connected to this start-up. If you use their service so share feedback with us.

What does a parent look for while choosing a school for his/her child? Most parents are confused on this question and there is help at hand for just such parents.

A city-based start-up promises to come to your doorstep, understand the requirements, counsel and suggest options. They also organise trips to the campus, fill in application forms, organise spot registration, admission and even offer a fee concession.