Mixed Millets Health mix


Finger millet -200gms
Traditional pearl millet -200gms
Kodo rice – 100gms
Little millet rice- 100 gms
Foxtail rice-100gms
Barnyard rice -100gms
White jowar-100gms
Maize -100gms
Greengram- 10gms
Groundnut -10gms
Almonds- 5-6 nos
Cashew -5 -6 nos
Cardamom – 8 or 9


Dry roast all the ingredients separately except cardamom until it turns light brown and till u get a good aroma.
Get it grinded in the mill to get fine powder.
To make the porridge :
Take the required amount of health mix powder and mix it with water without any lumps..in low flame , stir the mix until the desired consistency.. U can add jaggery or palm sugar for sweeter version else it can be had warm with buttermilk n salt.

Recipe courtesy Nachal.

Author: Priyadarshini Somasundar

Priyadarshini is an Engineering graduate in Electronics and Communication. She used work for Dell, Later shifted to Chennai after marriage and worked in Ericsson as system analyst. I have always been passionate about our tradition and curious to know about our ancient wisdom and practices, which made me join this group.

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