Forgotten Family Deity

A Webinar by Velu Jayaprakash

Worshipping Kula Devta or Kudumbha Devta has been an integral part of human life. The word Kula Devta is a combination of two words – Kula meaning Clan and Devta meaning Deity. Kula Devta forms the core essence of the family as they are worshipped by several generations.

Invite blessings in your life by understanding the science behind worshipping the souls of your ancestors.

They hold prominence in our day-to-day life as these noble souls, through their noble deeds, decided not to take the next life, surrendering themselves to the divine consciousness. They help in protecting the family and growing the family lineage. Without their blessing, gaining any spiritual wisdom or materialist goals will be incomplete. Unless we express gratitude and pray to the countless divine souls of our ancestors, there will always be a block.

When you pray to them with intense devotion, it has the power to reduce the effect of Karma. Such is the powerful shield they provide us! Praying to our family deity will bring us peace and instill confidence to face the challenges of life.

Who doesn’t want to get blessings from their ancestors and lead a happy, healthy, and prosperous life?

That’s why we are bringing you a physical workshop where we will walk you through reviving this spiritual process. From knowing the roots of your ancestors to ways to worship them to removing blockages, we will bridge the gap, seal trust, and get showers of blessing from the divine souls.

Time to strengthen your ancestral roots !!!
Date : 22nd May 2022

Time : 4 PM – 7 PM

Venue : Online , Zoom session

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Contact : Minu +919513580222

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Webinar Feedback

Many thanks to Velu anna and hlp team for the webinar on Forgotten Family Deity. In this fast moving era of technology and nuclear families we are losing out on valuable information and guidance from our elders. This webinar is a godsend for those who wish to know all about the family deity, do’s and don’ts, remedies, etc. Along with the webinar there was an exhaustive Q&A session. All queries were answered thoroughly and patiently by Anna. Thoroughly grateful for that. After 4 hours of webinar discussion and queries continued on the WhatsApp group. The hlp team also does a wonderful job whether it is streamlining queries or helping out with English translation of specific terms. Hoping to learn much more in future. Thanks

Arun Pahuja

Very much Insightful session. I had so many questions regarding family deity before, no one has answer for it in my extended family. Got answers for almost all questions in this webinar. Having no info about family deity, I was feeling like unfulfilled/unsatisfied life. I have been talking with many relatives to know about family deity. So many questions Who/where/how/why all the way endup speechless. Thankfully got more clarity through this webinar and have some inner peace on this point. DEAR meditation & Family deity webinar will be a life transforming one if followed seriously at different extreme. Just a Thanks may not be enough to get such knowledge @Velu Anna ji & HLP team. Lots & lots of gratitudes for all the guidance.


I didn’t know that our family deity has this much importance in our life. I really gave less importance to my family deity comparing to other Deities. Thank you for this Eye opening session and  definitely worth attending. Thank you Velu chettan for teaching us various ways to please our deities and the effort he put to convey these to us in a detailed manner. I’m sure that from no where else would I have got this much of information. Thank you Velu chettan & HLP team for choosing this subject and conducting it well


I had always ignored visiting family deity temple for a good part of my life. Understood the importance of family deity during one of the previous Gurukul and started visiting regularly. There have been noticeable changes. With this webinar announced I knew I had to attend to learn more about the details on how to find your deity, how to pray and other details. HLP always comes up with unique topics which cannot be found outside. So much knowledge shared along with Anna’s patience to answer all queries even if the time is over couple of hours more than the planned time. Thankyou Anna for your time and efforts. I am sure this knowledge will be passed on to my son and ensure it goes further too.


It was a wonderful session. Got to learn so much about family deity and the importance of family deity in our day to day life. Definitely this knowledge should be shared with friends, family and the next generation for their wellbeing. Attending the gurukul has paved a way for welcoming further abundance and happiness into our lives. Thank you HLP team and Velu anna for choosing this subject for the gurukul. So happy to be able to participate in the session.

Hari Prasanth

Thank you, Velu Anna, for all the wisdom and lost knowledge you shared. Thanks to whoever put the gratitude message, all of it resonates with me and I am sure you echo a lot more of us who attended.  To me one of the best things which stand out is the fact that 80+% of the time was spent on conversation and dialogue which we do not find anywhere else — this is a true example of the 80:20 rule done in the right way. Velu Anna your patience and compassion towards all of us are second to none and all the questions (sometimes very personalized ones) had something to learn for all. it made perfect sense and I will follow the guidance going forward. Please keep bringing this lost wisdom and hopefully they don’t stay lost for those get passed on to the next generations.

Tarun Kumar Singh

It was a Knowledge full session on kula devatha. I learnt lot of insights to know more about kula devatha and various mantra/tantra/yantra of kulu devatha, protect family and many more insights which are not part of course and helpful to well being. Thank you Velu anna for session!

Vijay Kumar Bandari

What an Enlightening and mid blowing knowledgeable session!!!Very usefully informative class to revive the forgotten Kula Devatha . I’m so thankful to Velu Anna and the HLP team for organizing this program. Now I’m on a hunt to find out my Kula Devatha. Hope to discover soon. Again heartfelt gratitude. The session was well conducted and Velu Anna cleared everyone’s doubts very patiently, Such a rare quality now a days. Looking forward to more such helpful programs in the future !

Rayappa Reddy

As usual, another great, wholesome and enlightening webinar by Veluji. In all webinars, Veluji (along with the participants) will always bring out 100% clarity on the topic + bonus knowledge of fundamentals and other topics. This is not surprising as spirituality cannot be narrowed to one particular topic ..for example, in Family Deity Pooja, “lighting the lamp” is an important aspect, which is itself another topic.  Nadi reading, prashnam, yantras, tantras all were covered. And we also came to know about certain vasiyam techniques. Many Thanks to Veluji and HLP Team for bringing out the Do’s and Don’ts of the Family Deity worship.

Yogeshwaran V

Gratitude to Velu Anna for such a wonderful session last evening… This was my first session.. got to fill many gaps that were there in my mind…but never found answers… And it was a BIG relief to know that if one practices meditation how magically it works… It just about transcends everything.. we at times  n most times don’t hv people who can answer questions related to the subjects, glad that most of the doubts were cleared.. sometimes elders in the family don’t answer some questions or those who can answer are no more.. n we are left kind of lost as what to do… I’m glad i attended it. Looking forward to the follow-up session… Thank you team hlp and once again gratitudes n namaskarams to Velu Anna… May be there was a Hand of My Family Deity in this…May be it was Her Wish and Blessings that made me attend this session.. thank you Velu Anna for being so patient and explaining everything.

Kavitha Biju Krishnan

Attended the family deity webinar . Learnt a lot very informative . All of us Should know this . Well explained and described ..

Priya Ravichandra

– It was a wonderful session. Got to learn so much about family deity and the importance of family deity in our day to day life. Definitely this knowledge should be shared with friends, family and the next generation for their wellbeing. Attending the gurukul has paved a way for welcoming further abundance and happiness into our lives. Thank you HLP team and Velu anna for choosing this subject for the gurukul. So happy to be able to participate in the session.


Thank you for one more enlightened session on family deity its always get confusion how to worship. It revealed my answers and definitely important knowledge to be shared to next generations so that they will be protected and be blessed

Sandhya Rao P

Thanking the team for such a wonderful coordination and Anna for sharing information about such topics. Much needed because slowly practices are getting diluted and the right information is also not passed on to the newer generation.

Vyshalini Ramana

This is one of the subject I was waiting to learn. What an enlightening session !! I would to appreciate Velu Anna for answering the queries with so much of patience. I got answers for so many questions. Looking forward to learn more !!


17 thoughts on “Forgotten Family Deity”

  1. Never knew the importance of family deity as I haven’t been a fan of blindly following rituals from early days. After joining the community, came to know its important. But the details of why, when, and how to worship, apart from knowing who my family deity is – was covered in the session with thorough explanations. Thank you Velu Anna and team for making us remember and aware of how important family deities are! Have already begun to see signs.

  2. Thank you for a wonderful session…. Have learnt more information about family diety…. Importance of family diety should be told to everyone… lot of questions in our mind will be answered….

  3. Day-to-day do mighty fixes in life.such is this forgotten family. Thanks velu anna for sharing the knowledge and importance of the family deity rituals. Wonderful eye-opener session.

  4. Though we worship family deity, did not know the importance behind it…full of knowledge as well as things we must do to keep family deity happy

  5. A wonderful and insightful webinar. Velu anna had mentioned about importance of family diety in the other gurukuls. This session went depper and gave a very detailed information on the importance and also how to find the family diety. I had a lot of doubts and questions within myself over the years and this session gave me a lot of answers. Thank you Velu Anna for sharing the knowledge.

  6. Hi Anna, Thank you for another compelling session. We never knew the importance of family deity, besides who it os in the first place. I was always under the assumptions hat when we are praying to god its sufficient. Now I have understood what is an Ishta devata, aradhya devtha and kula devata, I understood my assumptions were downright false and got a deeper understanding of the family deity’s technology. Its sad that overtime we lost most of our ancient technologies and are rendered helpless. I am glad and also great full that people like you are relentlessly trying to save this wisdom from extinction and spread it across and transfer it to our generations to come. I will do my bit with regards to this. I wish you more power in this endeavor of yours and recommend this session who have no idea about family deity. Thank you

  7. Learnt about the process to be followed to find family deity if unknown and the best days to worship family deity in a year. Thanks for coming up with this wonderful webinar.

  8. I came to know about this webinar when I was desperately looking for some authentic knowledge about family deity because in my family none of them is even sure about the name of our family deity. I am so thankful to Velu anna that he has covered all the topics which I was seeking from long time. It seems that my family deity has guided me to this webinar as I was desperate to know about it. I once again thank from the core of my heart to Velu and his team for reviving our ancient tradition. Looking forward for more such enlightening sessions.

  9. Though my family is worshipping family deity, I never knew the importance of it. Thank you so much for another enlightening session.

  10. Thank you Velu sir for such an amazing session on family deity . Many times i had asked my mom, aunts and relatives about our family deity but none of them knew. The few among them said its Perumal swamy and so it has always been Perumal Swamy.

    We don’t have any older generation people who knows things related to this or for that matter any subject on traditional ways. Velu sir its because of your sessions i am learning a lot of things and i am glad i listened to the recording.

    Every session you conduct is interesting and the patience with which you answer every ones questions is amazing. Importantly, that is what i wish to learn from you soon. Hats of to you.

    Looking forward to the follow-up sessions and more of it. Thank you HLP and Velu sir.

  11. As a married woman I was following my husband side family diety, after attending this session I came to know that married woman should also worship father’s family diety, which I will definitely follow.
    Thank you Velu Anna for such a enlightening session which everyone should know.

  12. Our family is aware of our family deity and we knew the name, place and all. But it was not until I joined the community that I realised the importance of family deity. The point was stressed every now and then and only when I started observing around me, I understood the power and impact of family deity. The webinar covered everything starting from how and when to visit family deity to what are the practices and rituals to be performed and by whom. Many fascinating things were revealed and I was surprised to know that there are ways to find out the family deity and also that family deity can even walk out of your life! This webinar will answer almost every question of yours regarding family deity.

  13. Thank you Velu anna for the wonderful session.I’m very blessed to be a part of this webinar. I learned more about kula devta and the importance in our family .Looking forward to learn more sessions.

  14. Firstly thank you so much Anna for an Interactive session… I’ve been doing pooja since my childhood but everytime I had a question of why??? Which were never clarified…quite an enlightened session…especially about family deity which am still trying to find out…hopefully I’ll find out soon. Looking forward for more such sessions. Heartfelt gratitude to Velu Anna and team HLP.

  15. Thank you velu ji for such an enlightening session . Everyone must attend this , the session might be an answer to all unknown troubles in the house .

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