Celebrating Benefits Breastfeeding week, Aug, 1st – 7th.

breastfeeding info graphic poster

Breastfeeding is a divine mothering tool.It’s a natural facet of motherhood that ensures optimal nutrition to cocooning the newborn with emotional connectivity.

This can be achieved by providing proper information, guidance and support by families, health professionals, employers and the social community.

To bring this awareness to light, we are celebrating BREASTFEEDING AWARENESS WEEK from August 1- 7th through our whatsapp community and Facebook media. This is a call for expectant and new mothers and their families to join hands to receive and share as well their stories and experiences supporting each other. We will be also be joined by doctors and healers sharing their knowledge to support the cause.

What are you waiting for join here!

Author: Velu Jayaprakash

Velu Jayaprakash is a social entrepreneur, product manager, techy, photographer, meditator, father of two angels, ancient wisdom seeker, holistic adviser and Soul coach. You can reach him at velu.jayaprakash AT gmail DOT com

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