Brown Rice Halwa

Ingredients :

Brown rice** – 250gm
(Use only boiled brown rice variety n not raw rice variety)
Organic Jaggery – 200gm
Desi ghee – 150ml / as per choice
Dryfruits powder
Cardamom powder

* Soak the Brownrice overnight/ 10hours.
* Soak Chanadal for an hour and cook it in a pot/ vessel until just cooked. ( Pressure cook for 1whistle)
* Wash and grind Brownrice into smooth consistency like Vada batter consistency.
* Dissolve Jaggery in the water in which Chanadal was cooked. Filter it and keep aside.
* Take a thick bottom vessel, add chanadal. Slowly, add the Brown rice batter (ladle by ladle) stirring continously.
*Add the Jaggery syrup. Slow down the flame and keep stirring until cooked. (The batter firms up, colour darkens and gathers well in 10- 15min apx)
* Continue until it leaves the sides of the vessel.
* Add ghee, dry fruit n Cardamom powder and mix well.
Once done, put off the flame and transfer it into a bowl smeared with ghee. Let it rest to set well for few hours.

Simple Healthy Halwa variety.

Author: yamini

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