Cosmic healing with birth stars and trees.

Energize your soul with nature’s greatest gift to mankind, trees!

Understanding the creation of this whole cosmos is a mystery. Scientists have gone too far in the recent times to give us various theories. Every time they discover a theory, it either supersedes or contradicts their past theory. If we go back in time, It is astonishing to see how yogis or siddhas gave us in-depth knowledge about the creation of universe through various texts/scripts/poems. There is lot of research about such questions going on in the scientific field currently. How our ancestors knew about it might sound mysterious, but if we dig deeper, we will know that it is through their mystic power acquired by their sadhana and various yogic practices such as meditation, astral travel, and so on.

Before we go to the Birth star and their respective trees, we need to understand the connection better. Once we know the meaning, the practice of hugging trees becomes meaningful.

There is a famous saying in siddha’s text “Andathil ullathu pindathil, pindathil ullathu andathil” Which means, whatever is in the cosmos is in our body, and whatever is in the body is in the cosmos. This is the fundamental fact our ancestors realized long ago.

Conception of Astrology

It is a known fact that all the living creatures are made of 5 elements of nature. They are fire, water, earth, air and space. Science says, we are all constantly influenced by heavenly bodies that surround us. Our ancient text clearly documents the fact that, nearest heavenly bodies such as planets and satellites affects us. The nearest bodies for us are, Moon, Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and two lunar nodes known as Ragu and Kethu.

We are also affected by moon and stars at night. It is at this time, the conception starts.The subtle vibrations and light that fall on our earth supports two things, creating new life form and healing those living and non-living creatures. These vibrations are changing continually, because the heavenly bodies are also moving in time. It is during such time, new forms of life are created and these life forms have their planetary and stars properties. This is where Astrology starts. At first, it was started to understand the nature of seasons, prediction of flood and famine and so on. Later, as more and more people meditated, understood the nature better, they also realised that all the living and non-living creatures are also affected. Thus, the concept of medical astrology was evolved.

Evolution of Medical Astrology

In the past, there were no sophisticated machines or techniques to scan our physical bodies. The healer who would either be a psychic or a mystic or an astrologer would simply look at the birth chart of the individual and tell us what issues we might face now or in the future.The treatment for the illness would be in the form of rituals, lifestyle changes or give the patients combination of herbs or gems.

For Example, for three people with the same mental problem, they might give one person a Moon stone, second person a panchagavya ghrita and for the third person, pranic healing and so on. Why there is so much difference? It is because our ancestors strongly believed to treat the source of a disease than the symptom. So the same illness might have originated at different levels for each patient and the treatment has to be issued wrt the planet where it has originated. In order to know more about the illness, we need to understand our bodies very well.

The physical body we see is just a one of the three layers, known as, Sthula Sharira. There are other two layers called as Sukshma also known by various name such as astral body, subtle body, pranic body or Linga sharira, where the mind and intellect resides, and finally, the causal body, our doorway to the higher consciousness.

Bridging Astronomy and Botany

Going back to the heavenly moving bodies and it influence on us, we need those healing energy heal our three layers of body from higher species, plants and trees!

We can confidently say trees are far more advanced than animals, based on scientific study done in recent time. Number of genes in an human DNA ranges from 20,000 – 25,000, whereas simple traditional rice has 46,000 – 55,000 genes in their DNA. Surprised!

Higher the genes, higher they have evolved, With common sense, we know that trees live longer than humans and they understand a lot more than we do about nature. In fact, there are trees which are 32,000 years old! The highest lifespan in an animal kingdom is only 300 years that of a tortoise.

Biologists believe that trees do not share the same origin as us.And we also now know that they are lot more intelligent than us having higher social skills.They understand our environment better and few can even dance with music ( this is demonstrated by Botanist Dr Pradit).Trees as they are more evolved than us, can understand us at all three levels of the body.There is an ancient tree called “Karpaga vruksham” or “Kalpavriksha” or “wish-fulfilling” tree which can move! Only nature knows how!!

Since trees are far advanced, they absorb more healing energy than anyone else. That is why our ancient texts are flooded with reference of siddhas or yogi who meditated under a tree and reaching nirvana or enlightened state.

  • Sage Durvasa and Adi Shankaracharya, meditated under the Kalpavriksha
  • Buddha meditated under Bodhi tree
  • Thirumoolar meditated under a banyan tree in Thiruvavaduthurai and wrote 3000 poems one poem in a year

The list is endless.

These enlightened souls, were able to identify various location, symbols, gems stones, and trees that would heal all the layers of the human body of a person born at a particular time.

They identified trees for 9 planets later they identified trees that would cover 30degree of the zodiac called as Rasi Trees, Later they identified 27 stars that affects us and their trees, and they even went further in each star to divide them into 4 parts called as padas and found its tree for respective pada. Hence, 27 x 4 = 108 trees.

In the olden days, they use take classes under the tree. Lucky were those who had the privilege to sit under a tree for their education. It is said, chanting under neem tree produces more powerful vibration, One of the ancient texts (vedas) quotes that neem tree was born while chanting a mantra or primordial sound with certain rituals..

Now, we know a little about trees, so how to do we seek their blessings? Again we have to go back in time to find those answers. In the olden days, when a baby is born, the father would consult a family astrologer to know what is the destiny of the baby and they would recommend a tree as the star tree and gemstones. That is why the activity of writing the birth chart was one the Samskara like swarnaprashana, tonsuring or ear piercing.

The father would then take a small portion of the umbilical cord and bury it and plant the star tree there. Later, we forgot this process, and they used to bury it in schools and temples. Why? They all had trees. Now, we completely lost our tradition.

That is why each temple in ancient times always had a tree. Or to put it right, they found the tree and build the temple around it. So that people who walk-in receives the healing energy. Also, these ancient temples always has a siddha or yogi samadhi. These trees would emit the blessing from those souls to us through trees. These temple trees are called as Sthala Vriksham. For example, the mango tree at the Ekambershwara Temple at Kancheepuram, also known to possess the energy of earth element (which is one of five elements of nature) is said to be 3000-3500 year old!

The mother would keep a vessel of water in silver or copper or gold near the baby’s head while sleeping, in morning time, they would pour the water to the birthday star plant. She would take her baby under the tree during day time to play with them. The plant that is just born out of baby’s entry into the world would produce healing energy for him and guide him in this dream and intuition.

In today’s busy lifestyle, it is hard to spend time with trees, esp if there is no trees near by.

It is necessary to spend time with our respective star-trees during our birthdays because birthdays (wrt star) is the weakest time in a person’s life and we when we are weak, we have to be in the safest place which is our birth tree!

Benefits from our Birth Trees

We can follow few steps when we are near our birth tree or any tree:

  • Always be in gratitude
  • Pour some water at its roots, thank them for their selfless healing energy they give without expecting anything from us. Before we take anything from tree, let us give something to them
  • Sit there and observe their beauty
  • Talk to them
  • Meditate under them
  • Hug them,let your heart touch the bark
  • Lie on the bark where all the chakras are in touch with the tree for direct healing
  • Protect them from intruders
  • Collect the seeds, and store it, When you meet someone with the same birth star, you can gift them the seeds
  • With permission, Take its small flower or leaves and retain with you in our bag or wallet. It will protect you in various ways, When the leaves are dry, go back and drop it at the same tree, so that they can sense and understand you better. There is a lot of spiritual science behind the process, which I will blog later

There are 108 trees in total for 27 nakshatras and for each of the 4 padas of a nakshatra. Some of the trees are very rare and hard to find, so we have also listed 27 trees for each nakshatra, that would cover all the 4 padas for that particular nakshatra. You can use, either or both of the trees as per the proximity. More than finding one, try to plant one!

Given below is a place at Pondicherry, which not only has all 27 trees / nakshatra, but also 12 trees as per Rasi, 9 trees as per planets, and 60 trees for each Tamil Year cycle. We will continue to find those hidden place and update the blog.

We might not have details regarding all the trees but we are in constant process to update the details. If you know more about trees, please do share it with us. There are usually more than 1 tree for a star – let us not restrict ourselves with the false concept of one tree per star or pada. We will later share the trees/plants wrt to Rasi also.

Special thanks to members and parents:
  • Siva – Life Coach, who is running a “Hug your star tree” campaign. Motivating all the people to hug trees. He is running a whatsapp group about this. Feel free to join him for meet like-minded people and find your trees near by. He is also actively running an activity on stargazing for parents and their kids. For more info check this here
  • Divya – who spent months to translate, identifying equivalent scientific name, local name in the various languages. Without her work, this blog would be incomplete
  • Smitha Ravi & Tejaswini – who helped us to proofread and make this blog presentable in short notice
  • Vijay Ghanabathi – who shared the Pondicherry location for those healing trees.

Author: Velu Jayaprakash

Velu Jayaprakash is a social entrepreneur, product manager, techy, photographer, meditator, father of an angel, ancient wisdom seeker and holistic adviser. You can reach him at velu.jayaprakash AT gmail DOT com

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