Aval / Poha Kesari


Aval(Poha) – 1/2 cup                                                                                      Ghee – 3 tbsp
Organic jaggery powder – 1/2 cup
Cashews & Raisins – 1 tsp each
Water – 1/2 cup
Saffron – 1/8 tsp(soaked in a tbsp of warm milk)


Rinse poha well and set aside for sometime to dry.Then coarse grind poha in a mixer.Heat a tsp ghee in a pan – fry cashews and raisins will golden brown,set aside. Then in the same pan add poha and roast it for 3mins until nice aroma comes,Set aside.
Boil water , once it starts boiling add poha and let it turn soft.Then add organic jaggery powder.
The organic jaggery will start melting, once it gets dissolved add ghee and keep stirring until it comes as a hole mass without sticking to the pan.Finally add saffron milk, fried cashew raisins and switch off.

Healthy sweet ready to celebrate any occasions

Author: Priyadarshini Somasundar

Priyadarshini is an Engineering graduate in Electronics and Communication. She used work for Dell, Later shifted to Chennai after marriage and worked in Ericsson as system analyst. I have always been passionate about our tradition and curious to know about our ancient wisdom and practices, which made me join this group.