Heal Your Past, Transform Your Present, Create Your Future.

A common question I hear when I am introduced as a practitioner of Past Life Regression is: “I have enough going on in my life, why would I want to bring up more problems from my past and add to it?” I can understand the concern. But there is a twist.

What if I told you, that you are already carrying the burdens of your past, you are just not aware of it, and Past Life Regression is a way to drop the past. Resolve the past, and free yourself from the negative effects of past karmas, repetitive patterns, stuck emotions and limiting belief systems.

Close Your Eyes. Open Your Heart

It is the same reason why we study History: if we are interested in a subject and wish to solve its problems and excel in it we need to study it deeply, and to really understand it we need to look into its history to know what factors have shaped it. We study history to learn from the past and to not repeat the same mistakes again. A forward progress in any field, be it science or medicine or art builds on what came before it and uses the past as ladder for growth. To know more about your own self, to master your challenges, overcome weaknesses, to make sense of your story and excel in living your life, you need to study your own history. Past Life Regression is a study of your personal history. It is an exploration into your past in this current lifetime including childhood, followed by a study of previous lifetimes.

Modern psychology, genetics, medicine and behavior science are restricted to studying only the effects of the current lifetime. However, ancient scientific wisdom traditions like Yoga and Ayurveda and spiritual texts like the Vedas and Tibetan texts speak clearly about the influence of our past and the benefits of past life healing.

You Are The Sum Total Of All Your Experiences


Some past experiences you can remember well, some not so clearly, while others are stored deep in the recesses of the subconscious mind, hidden from your conscious memory but nevertheless there. These experiences from present lifetime and previous lifetimes influence our physical health, relationships, career, prosperity, emotions and beliefs. If we wish to bring about transformation in any of these aspects of our life or even if we want to know ourselves better we need to look into our past. We carry forward what we have not yet learnt, healed, resolved with the aim to do so in the future.

Regression brings up the past that we have to learn from, emotions and beliefs that we need to let go of, wounds that need healing and helps us achieve that. This remembering is actually natural process. Most children have access to their past life memories until around the age of seven, after which the veil of forgetfulness descends and they are also conditioned by family and society to not trust their visions and experiences. Many people also have past life dreams which they are unable to comprehend, or déjà vu experiences which are also a clue to the past.

Reincarnation can no longer be denied. There are well documented cases that prove it beyond doubt. We reincarnate over and over again to heal our selves, learn valuable life lessons through experience, to grow and evolve, remember our true nature and realize our essence.

Stories Of Healing

In my own experience, I was able to overcome a deep fear of losing loved ones which made me cling to them and also made me very anxious in their absence. Through regression I was able to re-experience many past lifetimes where I had lost people I loved due to various reasons. I was able to release a lot of that pain, trauma and sadness. I also experienced that in many lifetimes I was reunited with these souls and I realized I never really lost them. This brought about a great peace in me and also improved the quality of my relationships.

A client of mine who was suffering from years of body pain and burning sensations that could not be diagnosed and had not responded to any kind of treatment, relived past lives where there was a lot of physical torture especially to the limbs. This trauma had not been released and was carried forward as cellular memory. After a few sessions immense relief was felt.

An adult who was experiencing severe low confidence, inability to make decisions and not having clarity in what they wanted. This was causing a lot of problems in their professional life. They were able to recall child hood experiences of severe parental disapproval. A very strict upbringing, punishments and not being allowed to do what they wanted resulted in a lot of self-doubt, low self-esteem and being unsure of the self. Healing brought about self-approval, self-confidence and a sense of knowing they will make the right decisions.

Hope For A Better Future

These are just a few experiences from a repository of hundreds of sessions. People’s life stories never cease to fascinate me. The ability of the human body, mind and spirit to heal, be resilient, find strength, transform and forge ahead is simply amazing. We all have that power within us, a light waiting to be ignited.

Our past experiences and choices have created our present. And the choices we make in the present moment create our future. This awareness empowers us to take responsibility for our lives, live consciously and choose wisely. It liberates us from feeling like victims of life and gives us hope that we can create something better for ourselves.

Author: Kapila Ramakrishnan

Kapila is an experienced Life Coach, Healer and Spiritual Teacher, trained in Past Life Regression, Rebirthing Breathwork, Inner Child Work, Mindfulness practice and other Holistic healing systems. Her own awakening happened while she was still in the corporate field, during which intense inner transformation led her to the path of self discovery and healing. After years of study and practice, Kapila shares wisdom and applies techniques that have helped her and others live fulfilling lives, through personal consultations, workshops for groups, talks and articles. Kapila shares a deep connection with animals and nature, and is actively involved in animal welfare work. You can write to Kapila at kapilaramakrishnan@gmail.com