The miraculous Arjuna tree

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Terminalia arjuna(Roxb.ex DC)W&A
Lots has been mentioned about the benefit of Arjunarisht for heart related problems. Here are a plethora of gains by thisone herb,please read on may be somewhere it will help you.

  • The use of arjuna reduces excess bile, cures acidity, and brings stability in blood circulation.
  • It brings relief in blood bile, acidic bile and other related disorders.
  • Due to its bitter taste, it treats cough, urine related disorders and is a good suppressor. It is astringent and febrifuge. It treats various toxins and strengthens the hearts functioning.
  • Arjuna, Shirish and Palm tree are helpful in leprosy, gonorrhea, paleness and cough and are a fat suppressor. Arjuna tree, ‘ashmbheda’, ‘apamarg’ and ‘gokhru’, help in treating gastric disorders. The lithiasis sugar treats urinary disorders. Arjuna, syzygium cumin, licorice and berry, all are beneficial in abscess, inflammation and other diseases.

Family name: Combretaceae

Scientific name: Terminalia Arjuna

English: Arjuna| Sanskrit: Arjuna, Dhaval, Samba, Indradadu, Kakubh| Hindi: Arjuna, Kahu Gujarati: Gholo, Sadaro, Sajar |Marathi: Sadaru, Arjun, Sadara| Bengali: Arjun, Gach |Punjabi: Kau, Koh |Telugu: Charramachi Dravidi: Vella, Bhatti |Kannada: Kammutte |Marwari: Arjuna.


On dry mountain ranges, on the bank of rivers, lines of trees, growing up to 80 feet high, the green color bulbs appear as it’s warriors, armed with an infinite number of weapons in their quivers. These warriors have gathered to eliminate the various disorders and diseases, as their enemy. Arjuna tree is found in the forests. The flowers grow in ‘Baisakh’ and ‘Jyeshtha’ months, and fruits develop in the winter season.Its main trunk has a round shape with a height of 10-20 feet. Its outer layer (bark) is whitish in color, smooth, and around 1/3rd of an inch thick. The wood is red color on the inside. The bark shed its layer once in a year as the snake sheds its skin. Its leaves are 3 to 6 inches long, 1 to 2 inches broad, and on small branches are smooth and costate. On the back side of the leaves, it carries two green color glands. The flower is small, green-whitish color, and grows up in clusters. It is odorless. The fruits are long, oval shaped having 5 bulging curves with chambers. The fruits are seedless.

Gum of the Arjuna Tree:The extract of arjuna is clean, golden or brownish in color and transparent.

Chemical Composition of Arjuna Tree:The husk of arjuna has various chemical compositions. It has 34 percent of calcium carbonate and other alkalis include sodium, magnesium and aluminum. Due to excessive calcium and sodium, it helps in strengthening heart muscles at the minute levels.

Qualities of the Arjuna Tree:Arjuna is cool, good for the heart, astringent, treats body toxins, blood disorders, gonorrhea, bile, cough, fat and ‘pitta’. Arjuna bark in different composition gives strength to the heart muscles. It is good in supplying nutritious elements to the heart. When the muscles of the heart become powerful, the heart beats are strengthened with more regularity. The heart beats will reduce, with contraction in blood ducts, which regulates blood circulation. The heart gets strengthened and stimulated. The blood flow (pressure) within the blood ducts reduces, which treats hydro-related problems. Its use ensures proper contraction of the blood resources so that the heart uniformly distributes blood in the body and also pulls blood sent over different parts of the body back into the heart. Hence, its use is beneficial in heart disorders, passiveness in blood vessels, bodily inflammation, slowness in nerves, breath and cough problems, particularly chronic ones.

The use of arjuna reduces increase in the ‘pitta’ and acidity and generates stability in the blood circulation. It is helpful in case of blood bile and acidic biles. Since it is astringent it treats cough and urine disorders. It also treats fever and strengthens heart functioning. It is anti-toxin. ‘Arjuna’, ‘Shirish’ and palm tree are good for leprosy, gonorrhea, paleness, cough and fat. Arjuna, syzygium cumini (Jamun), liquorice and berry, all are good for abscess, as well as sexual diseases.Medicinal .

Use of Arjuna Tree According to Ayurveda:

*Treatment of Recurrent Mouth Ulcer (Stomatitis) with Arjuna Tree:‘Mukhpak’ – When the powder of its root is mixed with eating oil and gargled with hot water, it treats ‘mukhpak’.

*Treatment of Ear-ache with Arjuna Tree:When 3-4 drops of juice from its leaves are put in the ears, it treats ear-ache.

*Treatment of Melasma on the Face with Arjuna Tree:When its bark is crushed finely and mixed with honey to put a paste of it on the face, it cures melasma.

*Treatment of Tuberculosis Cough with Arjuna Tree:When the powder of the bark of arjuna is mixed with seven pinches of ‘vasa’ leaves and taken with 2-3 grams of honey, sugar candy (misri) or cow ‘ghee’, it treats TB cough with blood.

*Treatment of Rapid Heart Beat with Arjuna Tree:

  • When heart beats exceed from 72 to 150, take one glass of tomato juice, with one spoon of arjuna bark powder. Its regular use normalizes heart beats.
  • A spoonfull of fine powder of broad bark of arjuna tree, when taken with one cup of milk without cream, regularly in morning and evening, treats all heart ailments. It gives strength to the heart and treats weakness. The increasing heart beats too are reduced to normalcy.
  • Roast 20 grams of wheat flour in 30 grams of cow ghee. When it turns pink, put 3 grams of arjuna bark powder and 30 grams of sugar candy (misri) with 100 grams of water. After the mix is properly prepared, take it in morning. Its regular use treats heart pain, increased heart beats and anxiety.
  • Mix powder of bark of arjuna tree with flour and mix with honey and sugar candy (misri). These treats severe heart problems.

*Treatment of Heart Troubles with Arjuna Tree:

  • The weakness of heart and inflammation generated due to it, could be treated with arjuna bark. Mix 6 to 10 grams of arjuna bark powder with ‘gur’ (jaggery) and milk and boil it. Filter it and drink. It stops water content of lymph filling in the blood vessels. This treats heart inflammation and hence, the weakness is treated.
  • Take 50 grams of arjuna bark (if wet is not available, take 50 grams of dry bark) and boil in 4 kg of water. When the mix is reduced to one fourth, filter the decoction. Take 50 grams of cow ‘ghee’ and mix 50 grams of arjuna bark and the other ingredients cooked earlier. Heat it on a slow fire. Later, cool it. Now mix 50 grams of honey and 75 grams of sugar candy (misri) and keep it in china clay pot or glass jar. Take around 6 grams with cow milk. This will strengthen the heart.Weakness of the heart, excess heart beats, swelling or heart enlargement problems are best treated with this mix.
  • If a person has suffered heart attack earlier, take the above decoction 40 ml in morning and evening. It is a miraculous heart and cardiac tonic.
  • For complete benefit of the mix, prepare the decoction in milk. It helps in the treatment of angina pain, heart beats and anxiety.
  • The powder of arjuna bark, when filtered with cloth is more effective as compared to other medicines. Chew it, keeping it on the tongue. It was found equally beneficial as sorbitrate pill. When the pulse rates or heart beats are very low, keeping it on the tongue starts giving relief immediately. The medicine gives permanent relief and it does not have any adverse impact. It is more beneficial as compared to the allopathic medicine digitalis.
  • It is beneficial in cases of high blood pressure. If swelling or inflammation has developed due to the high blood pressure, it gives relief.
  • Treatment of Excessive Urine with Arjuna Tree: To stop the problem, take 40 ml decoction regularly in morning and evening.
  • Treatment of Blood Diarrhea with Arjuna Tree: Take the finely grinded powder of arjuna bark, 5 grams, and warm it on a slow fire with 250 grams of cow milk and around 150 grams of water. When only milk is left and when its temperature is reduced, comfortable to drink, mix with 10 grams of sugar candy or sugar. Take the mix regularly in the morning, which treats all the heart ailments. It is especially beneficial in gastric troubles or heart ailments. This milk, mixed with arjuna bark powder is also helpful in chronic fever, blood diarrhea and blood bile.
  • Treatment of Blood Blennelytria with Arjuna Tree: Take arjuna bark powder 1 spoon and boil with mix of 1 cup of milk. When the residue remains half, mix sugar candy and take three times a day.
  • Treatment of Gonorrhea with Arjuna Tree: Take arjuna bark, neem bark, amliki bark, neelkamal and turmeric, all in equal proportions, around 20 grams and mix with 400 ml of water. Boil till residue remains 100 ml.Take the mix with honey in morning and evening, which treats gonorrhea.
  • Take leaves of arjuna, quince, syzygium cumini, ‘mrinali’, ‘shriparni’, ‘mahendi’, ‘dhai’ and mix them with ‘ghee’ and salt. It is much beneficial in the disease.
  • Treatment of Shukrameh with Arjuna Tree: The patient should take the decoction of the arjuna bark or white sandal regularly in morning and evening, which treats the disease.
  • Treatment of Urine disorder with Arjuna Tree: Take 40 ml decoction of arjuna bark, which treats urine disorders.
  • Treatment of Fracture with Arjuna Tree: When the body part is plastered due to broken bone, take finely grinded powder of arjuna bark, one spoon with 1 cup of milk, which strengthens bones. On the broken bone, use paste of its bark mixed with ‘ghee’. It also helps speed union of the fractured bone.
  • Treatment of Inflammation with Arjuna Tree: It effects on the kidney and helps in proper urine formation. It helps in the treatment of excessive water content in the body parts besides heart ailments.
  • Treatment of Obesity with Arjuna Tree (for Weightloss): Take powder of arjuna root bark and ‘gangeran’, two grams each regularly in morning and evening, which treats diseases related to obesity.
  • Treatment of Blood Bile with Arjuna Tree: According to Charak, soak Arjuna bark for entire night and in the morning filter the water and prepare a decoction. Its use is helpful in blood bile.
  • Treatment of Leprosy with Arjuna Tree: In blood disorders and leprosy, take one spoonfull of arjuna bark powder with water daily. Also, its bark, when rubbed with water to prepare a paste, is helpful.
  • Treatment of Fever with Arjuna Tree: In fever, take around 40 ml of its decoction, which treats fever.
  • Treatment of Abscess with Arjuna Tree:Finely grind arjuna bark and prepare a decoction. Wash injuries and abscess with it, which is beneficial.
  • Take powder of its root, one spoon with milk, which treats bluishness due to some injury.
  • Treatment of Chronic Fever with Arjuna Tree: Take one spoon full of its bark with ‘gur’ (jaggery), which treats chronic fever.
  • Treatment After Heart Attack with Arjuna Tree: Take fresh bark of arjuna tree, dry it in open and prepare a powder. Take 250 grams of milk and an equal amount of water and boil it. Put three grams of arjuna powder (partially filled tea spoon) in it. After boiling, when the milk remains half of the quantity, remove it from the flame. Filter it and drink, which treats all heart problems and stops heart attacks. It is very effective medicine after heart attacks.
  • Other Procedures:Take 12 grams of arjuna bark and boil with 250 grams of cow milk and an equal amount of water. When it remains half, mix 10 grams of sugar candy, which treats all heart troubles. In fact, arjuna is a miraculous gift of the nature and we all should take advantage of it.

Author: Lakshmi Bharadwaj

Lakshmi Bharadwaj, known as OJAS in whatsapp group, is a home-maker and mother of three lovely kids. She comes with a rich tradition that follows home-remedies, which makes her a passionate towards ancient knowledge in Ayurveda naturopathy and herbs. She is one of the sincere and senior member of swarnaprashana Whatsapp parenting community. She has been constantly guiding new parents and with her continuous selfless efforts on various social and educative platforms. In 2015, She was the Parent of the month for her exceptional guidance in home-remedies to many parents in our whatsapp community.