Remedies for Common Cold With Simple Herbs

Fight Common Cold With Simple Herbs From Your Kitchen.

Learn the ancient ways to cure and prevent cold

There are various way to cure Cold. At our whatsapp group, we have plenty of parents sharing their age old home remedies to each other. We have made an attempt to collect all those and share it for anyone. Apart from the information we share from our group, We have gone little deeper into ancient siddha, ayurveda and unai script and shared few remedies.

When you try these do share your feedback and or if you have any more tips so share it at comments.

These are the top 5 home remedies to cure the common cold:

  1. Drink ginger tea – It acts as a decongestant, helps stimulate slow digestion and improves the taste buds too.
  2. Lemon juice with water and honey. It soothes sore throat, boosts vitamin C intake and releases excess cough.
  3. Garlic contains antiseptic property, garlic in soups or supplements is the best remedy.
  4. Tulsi and long pepper in equal quantity, ground together and rolled into small pills, take 3-4 times daily. Tulsi has antiviral, antioxidant property. It is good immune-modulator. Long pepper relieves inflammation.
  5. 5 gm ginger juice mixed with one amla (Indian gooseberry) juice and one teaspoon honey  with a little water. It boosts body immunity and acts as a decongestant.
  6.  Take one tablespoon of grated fresh ginger, one teaspoonful of cinnamon powder and one teaspoonful of licorice powder. Add all these together to one litre water and boil on slow fire for ten minutes till about one fourth (250 ml.) of it is left. This drink can be taken three times in a day. Honey can added as a sweetener.
  7. If you are unable to sneeze or blow nose to open the blocked passage, then, here’s solution. A powder made of equal parts of cinnamon, black pepper, cardamoms and the seeds of Nigella sativa (krishna jeeraka)
  8. To stop a running nose, you can apply the paste made of nutmeg (jaiphal) and cow’s milk along with a little opium on the nose and forehead. to be taken as a snuff.
  9. Black pepper and long pepper, taken along with dried ginger, is supposed to help chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane, such as those lining the throat, sinuses, and lungs. During cold and flu, the body loses moisture, and mucous becomes thick and difficult to expel. Thick mucous provides a place for germs to multiply. Trikatu, the combination of the above three, can help by keeping the mucous in the lungs wet and fluid-like, and decreasing inflammation of the respiratory tract. You can take half a teaspoonful of Trikatu powder mixed with honey.
  10. Drink a glass of hot water mixed with the juice of two lemons and sugar to taste. Take the same at bedtime as it gives relief from nasal catarrh.
  11. Simple Ayurvedic remedies can play a very effective role as first aid for many common ailments, such as earache, backache and diarrhea. Try these simple treatments and stay healthy in a natural way.
    1. Vyoshadi Vatakam
    2. Agastya Rasayanam
    3. Mustarishtm + Amritarishtam
    4. Lakshmi Vilas Ras 1-1-1 after food
    5. Sudarasanavati
    6. Sitopaladi Choornam
    7. Fluvin
    8. Talisapatradi Choornam
  12. ½ tsp black pepper powder + ½ tsp dry ginger powder + 10 Tulasi leaves boil in 1 cup water make tea and take 2-3 times  a day
  13. ½ tsp turmeric in hot milk  2-3 times per day
  14. Boil 1 piece ginger in 1 cup water and drink
  15. Juice of Tulasi leaves – 1tsp + Ginger juice 1 tsp + Betel leaf juice 1 tsp with honey 4 times per day
  16. ½ tsp – Turmeric powder in milk – Mix nicely 15 times a day
  17. Common salt +2 black  pepper combine chew every four hours
  18. Yashtimadhu Kashyam +1 tsp honey
  19. 1 tsp tulasi juice +10 ml honey 3 times a day
  20. 1 tsp onion juice + 10 ml honey  3 times a day

Prevention is definitely better than cure, here are ways to prevent it altogether:

  1. Cover the head and neck with clothes
  2. Gargle with hot saline water
  3. Take fresh fruits and vegetables to boost your immunity
  4. Keep yourself warm at all times
  5. Do not sleep during the day
  6. Do not sleep late
  7. Do not share towels and glasses
  8. Avoid deep fried and processed food
  9. If there is uncontrolled sneezing, excess thirst, foul smell in nose, insomnia, fever of 102 F or more, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

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