Maithreya Muhurtham

Unlock the Maitreya Muhurtham to close your Loans
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One of the common questions that is raised in our community is, how do I close my loan sooner? Logically we know the answer. We need to earn more and plan our finance better and follow it with a discipline. The culprit is in the mind and desire. To close the loans and live a stress-free life, we seek for various ancient remedies and various avenues, such as crystals, mantras and yantras. The word EMI is the dangerous word to many people because they earn and pay EMI for life, that’s what Bank wants from you. I have personally undergone these, ever since I quit my job in 2012.

For a working professional it’s kind of easy when it is compared with self-employed or entrepreneur where the income is not stable. Hence our mind is driven into closing the loan all the time and our mind misses to capture the opportunity.Loan is not a new concept; it is was practiced from the time of Barter system. Eg. Alaska was sold to US 🇺🇸by Russia to close their loan they took from them. Now, recently Srilanka 🇱🇰 has taken a huge loan from China in exchange of their ports. So, Sri Lanka is technically a puppet county in the hands of China 🇨🇳 .

When we look at the ancient practices, our siddhas has identified various planetary movements and listed their benefits. Eg. In Ayurveda it is mentioned, on 8th day of a lunar month, it is called as Ashtami Vyadhi Nashini it means, any medicine taken on Ashatami thithi, it will heal faster. In those lines, in order to close your House Loan, Vehicle Loan, Mortgage, Gold Loan, Credit card Loan, etc…Our ancestors has identified a specific Muhurtham called as Maitreya Muhurtham ( MM ).

Do the following on this MM time, and you will close the loan sooner then you expected. This is a proven method I have seen in my life.

On the MM day :

1️⃣ Make a list of loans you have.
2️⃣For each loan, take a portion you had to pay, that totals up to Number 3. Eg. Rs. 3, 12, 21, so on.
3️⃣Make sure there is a coin in the amount you decide to repay.
4️⃣Now place the amount in a sheet of Yellow or Green Cloth.
5️⃣On the four corners of the sheet apply little edible camphor
6️⃣Take a bay leaf. Write your Family deity name and Name of the loan and amount Eg. Ellama, Forest loan, 100 Crores.
7️⃣Now Write following switch words on the leaf WEALTH MONEY DAILY DAILY chant this 31 times.
8️⃣Place the leaf in the sheet over the money
9️⃣Make a packet and keep it in the pooja room or repay the person whom you like to pay.
🔟In case of online, at MM time, just wire the amount after you chant.

Remember This process if done by the women of the house it works amazing. Remember prosperity of the house is in women’s hands . Whichever house has the financial control with woman will flourish and prosper. That is why women is called as Lakshmi, not their counterpart.

Please Note This is not applicable for money lost in gambling, stock market, online betting, business, ancestral property, lending loan to other people and so on.

Maitreya Muhurtham for 2021:
💎 16-8-2021 – From 12.15 PM to 2.26 PM.
💎 27-8-2021 – From 9.06 PM to 10.53 PM.
💎 12-9-2021 – From 10.29 AM to 12.48 PM.
💎 20-9-2021 – From 7.20 PM to 9.07 PM.
💎 10-10-2021 – From 8.39 AM to 10.50 AM.
💎 20-10-2021 – From 5.33 PM to 7.20 PM.

Sharing is caring, please feel free to share it in your circle and respond with your feedback . On this Month of Kubera , we sincerely pray for a debt free life for all of you.

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