Fruit Fasting Program-LEVEL 1

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Fasting is a beautiful way to build awareness and focus. It elevates the sense of our connection with the universe. Fasting is one of the ancient practices that our ancestors propagated us to follow. Many religions and communities follow fasting so meticulously for its wide array of proven spiritual and health benefits.

Fasting, if done right, helps to rejuvenate and detox the body and holistically improves the overall health.

Why Fruit Fasting?

Fruit fasting, just like any other fasting technique, creates an environment for the body to heal when the stored toxins are being flushed out of the system. Most of us would have tried one or the other methods of fasting such as Fruit Fasting or Vegetable Fasting or the combination of both, etc. Also, many are stuck in one method of fasting and eager to move forward from one fasting method to dry fasting, which is the highest fasting level towards spiritual awakening. But fasting has to be done from the base level i.e Fruit Fasting and to be taken forward gradually with professional support, whereas random switching over different fasting methods is neither safe nor advisable.

Why HLP Fruit Fasting for you?

We at HLP community have stepped forward to clear the myths around fasting with the help of professionals who also happen to be our HLP Community members. Commencing this month, we have this guided fasting session with coaching and support from our On-Board Naturopath and Ayurveda Practitioners who will be available online to support and clear all your queries.
As every individual is unique, so is their health condition. One fixed fasting plan may not be suitable for all. Hence, the diet for Fruit Fasting is proposed only after careful study about every individual’s health history. Every member after the enrollment process will have a session with our Coaches to discuss the health concerns and zero-in on the fasting diet plans.

Enroll here:
  • Enrollment starts on 21st June 2020 ,ends on 30th June 2020.
  • Preparation phase is from 16th July 2020 to 17th July 2020
  • Fasting is from 16th July 2020 to 18th July 2020

Enrollment process as follows:

On Submitting the enrollment form, your Profile with medical history will be analyzed by our Ayurvedic practitioner according to your Prakriti – the Vata, Pitta and Kaph combination.

The analysis will be continued by our Naturopath Practitioner in customizing the fruits diet based on your body type and your preferences to make this fasting journey an enjoyable one rather than unpleasant.

  • You will receive a communication with all the guidelines and schedules for Day 0 – Day 3 of Fruit Fasting.
  • After all, the real Spiritual journey is being at present to enjoy our life without any regrets.

What are the Levels in Fasting?

There are 18 Levels of Fasting. This periodic fasting cycle will be done once every month, commencing on an Auspicious Day.

  • May Month- Level 1 – Fruit Fasting,
  • June Month- Level 2 – Vegetable Fasting and so on…
  • Ending with the Last Level- Dry Fasting which is the highest goal in spiritual awakening.

Is Weight Loss a goal in this fasting?

Fruit Fasting is not a weight loss regime. Weight loss involves an altogether different approach and mechanism. The aim of this fasting program is to detox and reboot your mind, body and spirit.

Is it compulsory to take All the Levels?

We would love to have you travel with us from Level 1 and graduate happily till the highest level which is the Dry Fasting. Or you can choose to try Level-1 and explore your fasting practice gained in this program.

Important Note:

This program is not applicable for

  • Pregnant women
  • Lactating mothers
  • Menstruating women
  • Children below 18 years

Anyone under Serious Medical Conditions ( You will be filling the Health Form once you have enrolled, based on that you will be getting the next steps of the fasting process )

If you are looking forward to experiencing the purest bliss of chanting, meditation practice during your food fasting, then this is your beautiful beginning.

Come join us!!! Let’s Detox our system through this refreshing, rejuvenating and reviving Fruit Fasting Program with an amazing deeper spiritual experience.

Happy Fasting!!!

Fasting is not just a Physical Discipline, it is also a Spiritual Feast – Jentezen Franklin

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