Feminine Intimate Hygiene

Intimate hygiene and care for women

Women today have changed a lot over the last few years In Terms of diet, profession , self care and evening in the way we dress.

I want to share some of the practice for women on their personal care

  1. Regular hygiene for women
    Rice water wash- the water used to rinse rice can be used on a daily basis fr an intimate wash
    Can be used for women of all ages
  2. Rock salt and water rinse
    In Luke warm water add a spoon of rock salt and use to rinse. This can also be used by women of all ages.
  3. Wash with triphala
    One spoon of triphala powder , in a liter of water. Bring to a boil and let it cool down. Use as a douche for itching irritation and burning and smelly discharge
    This need not be done daily but when there is discomfort.

Mostly women look for treatment for their intimate hygiene issues . The reasons may be a mix of pitta and Kapha imbalance and also holding on to stress and fears.

🌸Always use cotton undergarments and keep up your personal hygiene without using harsh chemicals or any soap based cleansers
🌸Use cloth pads if you’re already not using
🌸Align with Moon cycle
🌸Restrict the use of contraceptives if needed like an intra uterine device, or a pill and even external contraceptives 🌸Follow Natural Family Planning.
🌸Adapt proper lifestyle and avoid foods that are processed and filled with preservatives

Please take support and help when ever needed, may it be emotional or physical support with spouse or mother. If problem persists visit a Ayurveda or Sidda doctor

There isn’t anything to feel awkward or indifferent to discuss your personal hygiene and well being


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