Ancient Hawaiian Secret System of Problem Solving

Master Healer Dr. R.G. Balachandar’s short talk on ancient Hawaiian secret system of problem solving, which brings us to the reality, that there is only one world which is within us.

When we change the world within us, the so called outer world changes automatically. It’s a mind cleansing, time tested ancient method, which involves complete transmutation of negative energy within oneself.

Author: Dr. R.G. Balachandar. BDS., D.A.Sc.

Dr. R.G.Balachandar is a dentist by profession, due to his quest in finding 9the root cause of diseases and restoration of health he did extensive research in the field of mind-body medicine for more than a decade. He realized Energy medicine can play a vital role in mind-body wellness rather than using synthetic chemical drugs. His speciality is in the field of Energy Medicine and Tai-chi (Qi-gong, energy cultivation), in providing all aspects of health and supreme wellness in an individual, also in creating awareness and clarity about finding ones own inner balance towards healthy life through ancient Hawaiian system of life solutions. As a master healer he works towards the growth of human consciousness, peace and wellness, he feels more responsible to create independent beings by giving them take home products based on Energy medicine and Qi-gong, with which the art of growing healthier will stay with them for life-time through their own daily practices. He can be reached at | +91.9489 486 977