Article by Adi Shankara on Maturity

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What is maturity? – by Adi Shankara

1. Maturity is when you stop trying to change others, instead focus on changing yourself.

2. Maturity is when you accept people as they are.

3. Maturity is when you understand everyone is right in their own perspective.

4. Maturity is when you learn to “let go”.

5. Maturity is when you are able to drop “expectations” from a relationship and give for the sake of giving.

6. Maturity is when you understand whatever you do, you do for your own peace.

7. Maturity is when you stop proving to the world, how intelligent you are.

8. Maturity is when you don’t seek approval from others.

9. Maturity is when you stop comparing with others.

10. Maturity is when you are at peace with yourself.

11. Maturity is when you are able to differentiate between “need” and “want” and are able to let go of your wants.

Last but most meaningful !

12. You gain Maturity when you stop attaching “happiness” to material things !!

Wishing all a happy matured life.

Author: Priyadarshini Somasundar

Priyadarshini is an Engineering graduate in Electronics and Communication. She used work for Dell, Later shifted to Chennai after marriage and worked in Ericsson as system analyst. I have always been passionate about our tradition and curious to know about our ancient wisdom and practices, which made me join this group.

2 thoughts on “Article by Adi Shankara on Maturity”

  1. Maturity can also be stated as when we understand small things in life than pooling up to understand big things that’s beyond our intelligence.
    Adishankara charya is renowned guru who is well versed led his journey towards knowledge n wisdom in such a small age …there are many of his scripts slokas etc that needs to be educated to this generation kids….blessed are his parents to have such a blessed child
    Thanks velu jayaprakash for posting such.

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