An Interview with Lao-Shi Dr. R.G.Balachandar by Healer Anandh Ji.

Dr. Balachandar. Founder of ‘Magical Life Solutions’. A master Healer and Trainer in Zhineng Chi-Gong * Ho’oponopono Technique (Ancient Hawaiian Secret of Problem Solving)

This specialty is in the field of energy medicine and tai-chi (Qi-gong, enengy cultivation), in providing all aspects of health and supreme wellness to an individual, also in creating awareness and clarity about finding ones own inner balance towards healthy life thought ancient hawaiian system of life solutions.

Author: Anandhji

Anandh. G, Trainer and teacher in Hospitality field for 18 years, Professor and HOD at a Hotel Management College in Wayanad, Kerala. Found his passion in Energy medicine and Healing sciences from the year 2003, starting helping people to heal from 2005 onwards. Apart from his work he is pursuing and practising Indian Classical Acu-puncture, popularly known as Touch therapy. He can be reached at

2 thoughts on “An Interview with Lao-Shi Dr. R.G.Balachandar by Healer Anandh Ji.”

  1. hello,

    how to contact dr balachandar or healer anandh ji for learning some techniques to balance the energy in body and to have healthy life.

    i live i usa.. is there any way to get help.

    kalpana vijay

    1. We will be bringing them for online session. or you can directly reach them. there is email id given below the blog.

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