Amazing facts about the Holy cow

We have always seen the cows on the road blocking the traffic and roaming around freely. We always undermine its presence without knowing the true power of this animal.After reading this whatsapp forward, you will have a whole new respect for the cow!!

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“Cow is just an animal like a hen or goat… then why is it revere and why should one not kill and eat it?”

Cow is also an animal, but… a cow has many specialities that no other animal (not even human beings) has in this world. This is the reason that Hindus consider cow as ‘mother’ after their own mother, and pray to the cow with respect calling it “go-matha”.

These are some truths about go-matha.

· If a cow eats something poisonous by mistake, and we drink its milk, will the poison be passed to us?? Most of our minds would already be saying Yes it will be passed.

To find out, one cow was regularly fed a particular quantity of a poison every day. After 24 hours, its blood, urine, dung and milk were tested in a lab to check where the poison could be found. In this way, the tests were done not just for 1 or 2 days, but continuously for 90 days in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi. The researcher did not find any trace of poison in milk, blood, urine or dung of that cow.

Then, where did this poison fed for 90 days go?

Just like Lord Shiva held poison in his throat, the go-matha hid the entire poison in her throat. This is a special quality that no other animal has.
· This is the only creature that inhales oxygen and also exhales oxygen.

· Cow milk has the quality of countering poison.

· There are diseases that medical science has not yet understood; urine of Go-matha has the power to cure them

· If cow-ghee and rice are cooked together, two powerful gases called ethylene-oxide, propylene-oxide are released. Propylene-oxide is the best gas used for creating artificial rain.

· Cow-urine is the world’s best killer of microbes.

· With medicines made using cow dung and cow urine, stomach-related ailments can be cured.

· We can save ourselves from radio-waves by plastering the home floors and area outside home with cow-dung

· Cow-dung has the power to destroy the microbes causing cholera

· If 10 grams of cow-ghee is put in fire (yagnya), 1 ton of oxygen is generated.

Author: Priyadarshini Somasundar

Priyadarshini is an Engineering graduate in Electronics and Communication. She used work for Dell, Later shifted to Chennai after marriage and worked in Ericsson as system analyst. I have always been passionate about our tradition and curious to know about our ancient wisdom and practices, which made me join this group.

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