New Enrolment For First Time Parent ONLY!

Dear Parents,

This form is ONLY for Parents enrolling First time.

We hope you completely understand about SWP. If you have any queries call the following Dr or Group Admins for help at

  1. Dr. Laskhmy +91.8123244964 (South Bangalore)
  2. Dr. Chitra +91.9945016533 (East Bangalore)
  3. Dr. Eeswari +27.842200405 (South Africa)

Once you get swarna prashana in hand, call me, Dr. Lakshmy to know the right dosage, procedure and other consultation if you need.

Once you making the payment, Do share the details to the one of the Parenting team members who handles the accounts. You can send screenshot from mobile too.

  1. Sandhya +91 98867 09180
  2. Rakhi +91 99161 36285
  3. Arthy +91 98943 92720
  4. Esha +91 98732 50616

All the best!

For each kids, you have to register separately.

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