Vaalaan sweet rice(Tail rice)

It is a one of the rare varieies of traditional rice which is around 300 years old. It contains 30 plus minerals. The paddy of this variety of rice has a tail like structure due to which this rice is called Vaalaan(Tail in Tamil) rice. Its really difficult to source this rice as many farmers do not cultivate this paddy.


Tail rice_1/2 cup
Sesame seeds_1/2 tbl spoon
Greengram dal_1/2 tbl spoon
Powdered jaggery_1/4 cup
Grated coconut_1/4 cup.
Cardomom powder_1 pinch.


Wash and soak tail rice for 12 hrs
Dry roast sesame,greengram dal.                           Add jaggery ,cardomom powder, roasted items and grated coconut to the rice.

A Healthy delicious sweet is ready.

Tail rice can be substituted with other traditional Rice like Black rice(Karuppu Kavuni), Immunity Rice( Mappilai samba),Diabetic/Arthirites ( Kattuyanam)

Thank you Seethalakshmi for sharing this wonderful recipie.

Author: Seetha Lakshmi

I'm a homemaker and a mother of 7yrs old son.I strongly believe in Thirumoolar's word"Food is medicine". My quest regarding ancient food recipes started a year back. I'm very happy to share and learn through this initiative from Swarna prashana.

Rice Puttu with Palm jaggery


*Processed Rice flour- 2 cups
Grated coconut- 4 tbsp
Water – as required
Salt – as required
Palm Jaggery

*What is Processed Rice

Take raw rice and wash it well. Then soak rice for 5-6 hours.Wash again twice and drain the water completely. Spread it on a white cloth for 1 day and allow it to dry. Then get it ground in the mill when it is slightly wet. Then fry the ground flour in batches on medium heat until a nice aroma comes. Spread it in a new paper and allow it to cool and then store in an airtight container.

Raw rice can be substituted with other traditional Rice like Black rice(Karuppu Kavuni), Immunity Rice( Mappilai samba),Diabetic/Arthirites ( Kattuyanam)


Take 2 cups of processed rice flour in a bowl. Add  little salt.
Take palm jaggery in a vessel and pour water. Allow it to boil till the jaggery melts. Cool it. Then filter the jaggery syrup in order to take out the unwanted dust and mix it with the rice flour slowly with hands. The flour should have crumbly texture. When you take little flour and try to make a shape out of it the shape should be retained and when u break it, it should crumble. This is the correct consistency.
There should not be any lumps. Cover and keep it for 5 mins.

Take a idly cooker fill it with water and allow it to boil. Then place the idly mould and add the puttu mixture to it and close the vessel. Steam it till a nice aroma arrives. It would take around 10 mins.
Take the puttu out to a plate and allow it to cool. Gently crumble it with hand and add some coconut and sprinkle little ghee to it and serve.


Author: Saranya

I’m HomeMaker and a mother of 1 year old baby girl. I have 6 yrs of IT experience with Accenture and IGATE and currently taken break to take care of my little one. I have an interest towards home made ancient recipes which is very healthy for kids and adults and hence started preparing all those at home and thought of sharing the same with all parents.