Smitha’s Mother Sujitha, Chennai

I would like to share my gratitude to the group and to all people from whom I have learnt so many best practices.

✍BALAMRIT: Wen i was looking for something to prevent cold and provide immunity to my kid I read abt balamrit in our blog and started using it. It really did miracles. Earlier my daughter used to get fever once in every 2 months. Once she get cold then it will surely change to fever. Now i can see grt changes. Thanks for Lakshhmi to introduce Balamrit in my life.
✍Wearing Silver and black hip thread.
✍Started giving Swarnaprashana for past 3 months and I can feel that my kid is healthier than before. Her immunity has developed alot.
✍Started using Siddha tooth powder.
✍ Didnt pierced ear for my baby as we do not pierce for boy baby. After knowing the reason written in swp website, we planned to do it for my baby on 9th month along with tonsuring.

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