My experience with Balamrit.


At our holistic parenting WhatsApp group there is one topic that is constantly bothering our fellow parents is to improve immunity. I could think nothing more than Balamrit that saved by child. It is a nice memory I could recall. It’s was my 9 months of motherhood journey to welcome my second baby Ojas. I nurtured myself well with all the nutrients, vitamins and so on, till 7 the month, but God has his own plans. Scanning report showed fetus isn’t receiving enough blood circulation through mother. Despite repeated scans I’am helpless. I was suggested to go for emergency C-section, Don’t know why I did, but I just denied. I took it as a challenge to wait till 9 month to let baby fight with his immune system. Finally the day approached when the baby has to enter the world. My happiness reams no boundaries glancing at my Angel.

Two days later, his blood reports showed low platelets for which the pediatric suggested all possible tests. Only option I was given was Bone marrow. I was totally disturbed at the sight of my baby in ICU. Paediatric explained its due to mother’s womb a virus entered the baby which was the reason for his low platelets. Requested the Hospital staff to discharge my baby though Doctors denied thinking it would be risky. I was sure our family home-remedies have deeper meaning. I prepared balamrit, a herbal mix we used to give for new born usually prepared by granny at home, I gave it to my new born daily and followed regular oil bath, kept the house clean and always played various Vedic chants at home all the time with sincere prayer. Touch wood as days passed by and routine check-ups showed drastic increase in his platelets and health. The first one year was immense struggle for a mother saving a baby. Now he’s 2 yrs. When I look back now down the line with my happy and healthy toddler the only one thing I should mention is “thanks to balamrit” for being with me in my journey.My purpose of sharing this amazing real life experience is to create awareness and introduced Balamrit to all the new mothers and get benefited of our ancient knowledge.

Balamrit is a traditional mixture of certain herbs (Almond, Dry Dates, Nutmeg, Myrica Nagi, Gum Arabic, Terminalia chebula, Terminalia Belirica, Indiancscrew tree, Long pepper, Sweetflag, Licorice, Turmeric, Dryginger, Ashwagandha, Indian Atees, Embilia and Conessi Bark) which are used and given for 3 years to child to improve his immunity. They are very effective and individual herbs in it tend to cover major disorders of the child from stomach ache, teething, decentry to fevers to flatulence and so on. We used to take some breast milk [first six months] or water [after six months]. Rub each of this herbs once or twice. Once all herbs are rubbed, mix the blend with a drop of honey.

I start with spiritual prayers to pass on the healing energy. It is a time consuming process along with lot of strenuous efforts, the preparation involves choosing of right herbs along with their proportion consistency of mixing, hand pounding, grinding and finally filtering the waste out to make the smooth powder, nearly 25 gms get wasted in125 gms. The whole ultimate strenuous procedure is to help the child or infant swallow it smoothly without any difficulty.

At request of many parents, while I make for my children, I also make extra to share it the requested parents.

Market available ready-made ones may not have shell life for longer duration and not sure of if whole ingredients are used in its preparation. When we make it at home the cost is cheaper by 25% when compared with market.

I’m glad to share this ancient remedy that has been passed on to me by our forefathers. Do share your feedback after using this. If you need any assistance do feel free to reach me at [email protected] |  +91 77740 34453.

We are part of HLP.World/store, a community driven shopping project, that revives Indian indigenous traditional organic food. A project initiated exclusive by parents for parents at whatsapp holistic group.

Author: Lakshmi Bharadwaj

Lakshmi Bharadwaj, known as OJAS in whatsapp group, is a home-maker and mother of three lovely kids. She comes with a rich tradition that follows home-remedies, which makes her a passionate towards ancient knowledge in Ayurveda naturopathy and herbs. She is one of the sincere and senior member of swarnaprashana watsapp parenting community. She has been constantly guiding new parents and with her continuous selfless efforts on various social and educative platforms. She is a small startup entrepreneur made it a step ahead in collaborating O&S HERBALS with BALAMRIT and MILKMASLA which stood to her expectations with her efforts. In 2015, She was the Parent of the month for her exceptional guidance in home-remedies to many parents in our whatsapp community.

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  1. Sir/ Mam…. My elder daughter is turning 6 by this November.She is prone to frequent cold ,cough, fever,allergies and tonsillitis since birth. She is 16 kgs and doctor says she is underweight.Lot many absent days in school due to this.We were always on Allopathy.I am totally scared at times with so much frequency of sickness. I totally want to bring her out of Allopathy and try out with natural cure.I just read about Balamrit and the positive feedback from the parents and have ordered one for my child as well I have a few queries on this. Please help me here…. as I am totally unaware of any Ayurvedic approach.. 1. Can Balamrit be given to 6 year old child 2. Whats the amount to be given and how many times a day 3.Is this safe to start without consulting a doctor 4.Can this be given along with Allopathy medicine suppose in case of high fever where we may have to turn to allopathy medicine for immediate help 5.For what amount of time or duration this has to be taken 6. Is there any harm if we are not able to consume this for a given duration say if suggested for 6 months but we take it only for 3 months.. and also any dose skipped. kindly help me out ….I tried to message the above number but there was no response I know and I am aware of the busy schedule hence posting a long message to seek the help

  2. At what age we can give balamrit to babies. My lo is 4 months old n she s suffering from cold past one month.. pls guide on this I’m very much worried

  3. Bal amrit as the name sounds is like amruth for infants. One of my aunts told me to give my infant daughter ayurvedic herbs for her overall development. It’s hectic with an infant to get all those herbs and rub one by one on a flat surface with water or breast milk. Then I heard of bal amrit which has powder of all these herbs. It has proven to be highly beneficial for my daughter. Earlier when I didn’t give her this, she used to get cold and now she has developed her immunity after using balamrit

  4. I started giving balamrit to my three year old about two months ago.. I add a pinch every morning along with his milk.. He has generally been a kid who is susceptible to catching cold very often but for te past two months in spite of te prevailing blr weather he has managed to catching cold to a minimum..he did catch it once but he managed to recover quickly I thot.. So sincere thanks to u for making this for us.. 🙂

  5. Yes iam using balamrit regularly….I could see the diff…my daughter is 8yrs old before she use to get frequent cold and cough…after using balamrit I could see the diff now she is able to withstand changes in weather …thanks ojas for ur balamrit

  6. My experience with Balamrit


    Hi, I want to share my experience with Balamrit. I started giving Balamrit to my daughter when she was 1 year old. As with any other baby she also had a problem of getting caught by cold often. If she is exposed to breeze which is moderately cold just for 5 mins she used to get cold. It took 1 to 2 months to see the actual result. Now she is immune to cold, never had digestion problem. Even if she plays in cold water, she does not get cold. Apart from this, I have also observed that her clarity in speaking is better when compared other kids of the same age. I believe it is because of the spices used in Balamrit. Am so happy that I made a right decision of giving my daughter Balamrit along with swarnaprashana (of course). All thanks to Lakshmi for introducing me wonderful remedy

  7. I too would like to share my experience with balamrit.Thank u Lakshmi, for the wonderful product. Though I didn’t use it on a regular basis, still I can feel the difference in the immunity of my kids. Recently my 2 yr old kid was down with viral fever, cold and cough. And this time he actually recovered sooner. Even the regular cold and cough attacks have come down for him. Though yes I am still waiting for the same results for my 6 yr old daughter too. However, I must say going with balamrit has considerably reduced my doctor visits. Thank you Lakshmi once again.

  8. In between whn I was nt giving him..he suffered wid Lil cough n congestion in his nw whn I started his immunity has improved so well tht such cold weather fit n fine..touchwood…thanks balamrit

  9. Balamrit is good as I have seen my child not getting frequent cold etc as earlier ..his immunity increased thankfully ..visiting doctors have reduced ..Thanks for this product

  10. I have been giving balamrit for my baby for past 1 month. She is an extreme premature baby. Premature babies have low immunity by birth. I was very worried about her health. After giving SWP and balamrit I could clearly see the difference in her. Her digestion got better. When she catches cold, she recovered quickly. Also, she is able to withstand it. Thanks team..

  11. . I started giving it to my one year old son a . Give at night and I feel his digestion has improved a lot and his frequency of falling ill also reduced: Thanks for the product

  12. This is sujita. I would really say that Balamrit is doing magic in my home.
    I waited for 1 + month bcos my elder kid usually get fever or cold 2 month . But few weeks before wen all of us in ur home got cold and usually it wil convert to fever for hee, this time t didnt happened.: And for my baby also since im bfeeding he got only very mildly bcos of me ans that too he overcome from it. All bcos of Thank you so much for introducing such a ancient thing in my life.

  13. My experience with balamrit. ..Have been using balamrit since an yrs..and I find lot my daughter to be strong enough as her immunity increased than earlier ..previously shes prone to cold n cough n since balamrit implemented no cold etc since a yr .
    Thanks a ton Lakshmi

  14. This is pooja …my daughter is cranky with low weight .Since I started giving balamrit her appetite and weight increased too ..Now she is more healthier .Thanks balamrit

  15. Chetana Gandhi as on August 1 2016
    My kid was 7 kgs earlier n now aftergiving balamrit since 2 months her weight increeased to 9.5 kgs ..she has become.more stronger internally and externally ..immunity too increased .
    Thanks for introducing balamrit

  16. By Thein MOZHI of.Swarnaprashana watsapp grp from.chennai as on August 2 2016 ..her feedback on balamrit ..
    Balamrit kept my child from constant cold where every time she is on medicines and puff …but this time with no medicines and puff she got just cured with balamrit .Thanks for the product

  17. Imagine a house of 7 adults, 3 kids with severe cold and cough for 10plus days and a 5 month old baby in that house… My heart ached to keep my baby in such an environment but had no other option… Finally, it happened .. my baby got cold and cough too! She suffered like hell and doctor told her condition has become serious and recommended hospitalisation and nebulizer for breathing…

    I had given balamrit and SWP from 2nd month onwards.. I had confidence that my kid would recover with medication at home… And not to my surprise, the same happened 🙂 only thing is that i moved out of that place and came back home apart from balamrit and very minute doses of medicines..

  18. I am thankful to the entire team of SWP who brought me back to our basics and culture. Thanks for brinhing me back to my roots. I changed several things in my kitchen, lifestyle.
    They helped me in my tough times. When my kid had Dengue, almost every member helped me and my daughter to get through it.
    My daughter also had frequent cough and cold. So after her Dengue, I started homeopathy and SWP together. Her health started improving.
    Later I got to know about Balamrit made by Lakshmi. So I ordered that too as I wanted to give best to my child. The moment I opened the packet of Balamrit,my room got filled with nice Aroma.
    My kid’s health has been improving now and she is having fewer instances of cough and cold.
    Thanks SWP team -Dr. Lakshmy, Swati, Velu and Lakshmi.

    1. Very nice to hear Deepali. After all, we are just parents reviving ancient wisdom and help each other. good to have you in our group.

  19. One step of following a routine of balamrit, has actually given me confidence w.r.t my child’s health.

    I basically tried this for reduction of cold cough which in my case used to lead to congestion and finally nebulization. I seriously wanted to avoid this since my husband has mild bronchitis and this if not cured could lead to the same situation in my child.
    I gave it a shot… The severity of cold was far too less and it didn’t lead to congestion preventing nebulization. I had just given it for a week and I observed the result.
    I am sure with time balamrit would be able to create such an immunity in my baby that she would not contract any disease at the first place.
    I am.thankful to u Lakshmi and I can vouch for this creation!

  20. I been associated with this group for an year and getting as much ways for holistic way of caring child which is very important for new born kids in today’s scenario.

    My kids was getting cold frequently and falling sick in every alternate month specially after putting in play school. I was worried when he couldn’t able to recover from the cold for almost a month and his immunity is very poor.
    That time even group members and Lakshmi advised to try with Balamrit. I just tried, today my kid is completely out of cold and much active than before.

    Many thanks for Lakshmi for providing Balamrit to all needy and thanks to this group for serving holistic child care to all the parents who believe on this.

    Thanks all.

  21. GM, My child is frequently getting sick he is 8 months old, I want to try with Balamrit, please suggest how to get it delivered…
    Thanks for your help…

  22. Balamrit gives me a feeling of empowerment to give the best to my child. As a parent I feel, a child puts in a lot of trust in us and it is our duty to give the best that we can give to our child. In today’s environment, where we are not sure of the purity of the food we eat, it becomes really important to protect our children from the side-effects of these produce.

    This community gives me the right tools to gift my child the best and I intuitively trust the intention of the parents making the various healthy products, the produce, the sources and the intentions.

    I trust that Balamrit is made with as much love as I would have made it if I pounded the Balamrit myself for my daughter.

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