Milk Masala Mix.

Let me start with “Mathru Devo Bhava”

“MOTHER” – Nothing can substitute a Mother’s love. A Mother’s love and hug can cure anything in this world. She is above all gods. Nature and Mother are no different.
Yes, let me share my experience, my friends, how my mother always gave a warm welcome to seasonal changes confronting the flu and infections and so on. The aromatic Indian spices as it is own place above heaven. I still remember those fog winters and cloudy rains in monsoons when my mom used to get me aromatic steamy cup of milk in the mornings! There is definitely a warm wrap in it.

Wondering what could be the treasure of her authentic flavor, I peeped into my mom’s kitchen. There she is with all her recipe pounded and boiled in milk. Now the mesmerizing magic is revealed.

Elaichi, Cinnamon, Black Pepper etc. are pounded well and boiled in rich creamy milk to bring out the flavor of all the spices. Later added Jaggerey or honey for its sweetness. Dry fruits like Badam, Cashew etc. can be added as a final touch for the nourishment. The main theme of this mix is to build up the immunity in a natural way to confront the natural seasonal changes which spreads lot of infections like cough, cold and virus etc. These spices mix can be added to beverages like Tea, Coffee etc.

These days hear a lot about readily available milk mix in market that are adulterated which hardly gives nourishment and Ojas to the human body. Keeping in view of mal nutritional kids which results in many health ailments, I have always considered mixing of dry fruits and a blend of spice mix along with proteins like pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, Fox Nuts etc. in a daily dose of milk.

As today’s school kids rush to school at early hours with no time for Break Fast, This Milk mix would serve the purpose of filling the stomach with a good Nutritional diet.
This Milk mix is not only for immunity, it is helpful in menstrual cramps, Post Menstrual syndromes, Diahoerrea, Worms, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome along with Multi-Vitamin Deficiency, Insomnia, and Appetizers etc.

Ingredients for Milk Mix Includes Spices & Herbs

  • Cinnamon
  • Elaichi
  • Sont
  • Blackpepper
  • Vacha
  • Nutmug
  • Cloves
  • Mulethi
  • Ashwagandha
  • Lemongrass
  • Tulsi
  • Brahmi
  • Turmeric

All the above are mixed in a proportion as per the requirement.

For e.g.: To treat cough, we should include more quantity of certain spices. Similarly for treating Insomnia and stress some of the other spices are considered more in quantity.

Ingredients for Dry fruit Milk Mix

  • Desi Badam
  • Cashew Nut
    Dry Coconut
  • Dates
  • Pista
  • Walnut
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Fox Nut Seeds

All the above are mixed in a proportion as per the requirement catering to the need of Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency. Seeds like Pumpkin, Sesame, Sunflower and Foxnut are rich in protein helping in building up muscles.

Winter knocking the doors already and this is the best time to start with these milk mixes to keep the body warm as well as nurturing.

One can also merge both dry fruits n spice mix for a unique taste. I am already sipping my steamy cup of milk sharing this recipe. Have you?


  • If one is Lactose intolerant they can have this masala mix boiled in water adding honey.
  • Sprinkle on bowel of fruits along with nuts
  • It can be also dabbed on salads and sprouts
  • Dry fruit mix with proteins can be added to porridge to enhance the taste.
  • It’s a strenuous process of pounding grinding and filtering . To make 250 gms 25 to 30 gms goes wasted . As per requirement herbs are added or removed …ex: if a person complaints of wheezing so n so herbs are added accordingly. The person who prepares this starts the whole process with utmost faith of passing on healing energy to the curer.
  • The purpose of Milk Masala is to show how siddhas lived immortal with high potential positive energy using few herbs spices available in nature. For them food itself is medicine

Is it it far more revitalizing nutritional than market available substantial ready-made milk supplement????  If not we who will bring back the lost healthy treasures of Siddhas?
Think !!! It can be you you or who all reading this article! !!!

if you liked it do place the order to initiate change . If you liked it spread it to your contacts doing good doesn’t cost ☺

Singing off
Lakshmi /Ojas

I’m glad to share this ancient hoion involves me-remedy that has been passed on to me by our forefathers. Do share your feedback after using this. If you need any assistance do feel free to reach me at [email protected] | +91 77740 34453.

We are part of HLP STORE , a community driven shopping project, that revives Indian indigenous traditional organic food. A project initiated exclusive by parents for parents at whatsapp holistic group.

Author: Lakshmi Bharadwaj

Lakshmi Bharadwaj, known as OJAS in whatsapp group, is a home-maker and mother of three lovely kids. She comes with a rich tradition that follows home-remedies, which makes her a passionate towards ancient knowledge in Ayurveda naturopathy and herbs. She is one of the sincere and senior member of swarnaprashana watsapp parenting community. She has been constantly guiding new parents and with her continuous selfless efforts on various social and educative platforms. She is a small startup entrepreneur made it a step ahead in collaborating O&S HERBALS with BALAMRIT and MILKMASLA which stood to her expectations with her efforts. In 2015, She was the Parent of the month for her exceptional guidance in home-remedies to many parents in our whatsapp community.

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  1. can u pls share proportion..and also tell whether need to roast ingredients before make it powder.. pls do help me ..

    thanks in advance

  2. hey the milk masala was vry tasty though I finished it as my son didn’t enjoy the taste such are kids…but I throughly did it wud be my night meal…

  3. Sorry for late reply.
    It’s good. Weezing is reduced. When ever she used to have running nose immediately she used to have weezing. But now it’s in control after making her drink this I have reduced the frequency of visiting doctor. Thank you so much for this product

  4. This masala mix is a beautiful aromatic blend of Indian spices. I give it to my child and we have it as a tea masala mix.It has helped my family in building immunity against cold,cough etc. especially during seasonal changes and its effects are clearly visible.I sprinkle a bit of this nutritional powder on sprouts as well.Try it once and you will know its effect.Thank you Lakshmi for this unadulterated, nutritious and yummy masala mix.

  5. As everytime am prone to.severe cold due to rains n in winters which spreads to ear infection which putsme on medications ..but this time due to Milkmasala. to less cold n no ear infection n medicines …this is great relief
    Thanks to Milkmasala. .Will order again

  6. Thanks Lakshmi for sharing tradional remedies for seasonal ailments like common cold , cough and also offering pure hand ground milk recipe for nourishment if kids. keep it up.

  7. Thanks Laxmi since my son hates to chew food early in the morning before going to school. I think this is going to help me and him too.
    once again thank you for the quick remedy

  8. Milk masala is helping my child and my family with persistent cold and cough related problems. I also feel, this masala has the right mix of ingredients, never too much nor too less. Thanks Lakshmi for making and sending it.

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