June Events – Enrollments Open

Ancient Wellness, eGurukuls and Webinars

1. Webinars

Decoding Dreams Series v.2 Date : 7 June 2020
After a successful Series 1 of Decoding Dreams, this Webinar will help you to learn and practice how to manifest, apply shield and other various Spiritual Practices in our dreams

For Enrollments visit : https://tinyurl.com/ybxzu7m8

Art of Eating by Dr. LakshmyDate: 14 June 2020
Food can be the medicine only if we can understand why,what,when,how it has to be consumed. Join this intresting Webinar by to know more.

For Enrollments visit: https://tinyurl.com/ydh23hzq

2. LIVE TELECAST (FB || YouTube)

Art of Introducing Books to Children by Divya Nadiyanselvam13 June 2020

Books, when introduced in the right way, right age and the Right tools and transform the Child’s Reading capabilities and develop love for reading. Join this Live Webinar to know more
For Enrollments visit:

Types of Schooling – which is right for your child? A panel discussion27 June 2020

Schooling is one of the most enigmatic subjects we all would love to discuss and understand more. Join this interesting Panel discussion by our Parent Experts from various methods of Schooling for deeper insights on your Child’s needs.

For Enrollments visit: https://tinyurl.com/y8rzxxay


Color Therapy – Dates : 8th June – 10th  June 2020
Learn to decode each colour and healing properties associated to body and mind. Join us for understanding deeper influence of each colour and transform yourself into colour healer!
For Enrollments visit:


Weight loss Program (or Weight Management For Weight Gain as well)

6 Months Program Commencing from 1st June 2020

The Only LOSS that you feel Happy about is your Weight-LOSS
Here’s our unique Weight Loss program to tune you into a Healthier version of Yourself without compromising your food

For Enrollments visit: https://tinyurl.com/yb39343v

Fasting Program
Guided Fasting program with Coching and Support from our on board Naturopath and Ayurvedic Practioners

Level 1 – Fruit Fasting Date: 16th June – 18th June 2020
For Enrollments visit: https://rzp.io/l/hlplevel1fastingb2
Level 2 – Vegetable Fasting Date: 16th  & 17th  June 2020
only for participants who finished level 1, please reach out to Fruit Fasting Group Admin for enrollment link


olden medicine for our Golden children
For Enrollments visit: https://forms.gle/ogQTYHbijo6bJo1S8

Bach Flower Therapy – Based on Birthday
Floral essence to heal your body and mind, thus adding a positive fragrance to your life
For Enrollments visit:

Transit Astrology Reading – Online Report
For people who are seeking solution or advice for current situation in their life
For Enrollments visit:

Medical Astrology Reading – Online Report
For people who are spending a lot in medicinal expense, this will give you a clear direction
For Enrollments visit:

Enrollments close on 31st May 2020

Let’s learn and let the rays of Wisdom Shine!!!

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