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Why HLP Whatsapp Group for you?

  1. 100% Safe & Secure Community by the parents, for the parents
  2. NO to – Outside Promos
  3. NO Wishing -Birthdays, Festivals, Good Morning  &  Good Night
  4. Forum For Focused Discussion
  5. Like-minded People’s Platform
  6. Key Queries answered with expert advice, validated by Doctors, Healers, Astrologers and fellow parents who are specialists in their respective domains.
  7. Exclusive Access or Privilege to our WhatsApp group members to Special Events, Special Services and Solutions
  8. Be a part of a close-knit network to connect with like-minded people around the Globe
  9. Get privileged to numerous public projects as a member of our HLP community
  10. A community of Non-Judgemental people who are willing to help and heal.

If you are searching for a place that is living the Holistic Life, Wellness, Spiritual Space, Common Sense and Science behind Ancestors Practices or Ancient Wisdom or Parenting, then this is where you belong.

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Remember, advice given in the website / Whatsapp group are only for the purpose of information and is not substitute for medical advice. Please contact your doctor before making any lifestyle changes. Read terms and conditions, Disclaimer here

379 thoughts on “Join our Whatsapp group”

  1. Namaskaram VJ
    How can I check medical astrology and in hyderabad is possible or not . If yes please give details regarding my previous question on 04 september 2019

  2. Balakishan Vanaparthi:
    Namaskaram VJ
    One of my friends child was suffering with by birth hearing and speaking problem.are there any solution.what treatment is better.the boy age is 3 years+

    1. Namaskaram vj
      How to find medical astrology any one in hyderabad.if possible send address and contact details please

        1. Since you did not give your mobile number. it will hard for us to find your mobile and add you. please share your mobile number.

  3. Hello sir, I already filled the form sir. I want to give swp to my kids
    Pls add me to what’s app group. My number is 9884497589.pls do the needful. thanks in advance sir.

  4. Hi filled the form yesterday but didn’t recieve any communication. Can you please confirm and add in what’s app group. As the nearest date for Swarna Prashana on 6 June. We would like to order for my daughter

    1. As said, this is an informal group of parents. we take time to review. I believe you are already in the group now.

      1. Sir
        I have filled up Google form 10 days ago yet WhatsApp group invite or addition is pending… 9890361070

        1. If you have filled the form properly. they would have added you. there must be something missing. can you refill it or you can call. 9 8 4 5 2 3 eight 3 eight 3