Human Design by Urvashi Yadav

Human Design, the amalgamation of astrology, chakras, I Ching and Kabbalah is a logical system that offers a practical tool for correct decision making in life.
Our life takes its path purely based on the decisions we make. Each decision is crucial to get us aligned in our life’s journey.

This Human design, reveals strategies and techniques for better decisions, thereby leading us to a more fulfilling life.

This webinar on Human design takes you through the following major areas
1. What is Human Design?
2. What are the various types?
3. How is it different from other forms of astrology?
4. What is the basic structure?

Join us in this YouTube Live and discover how this unique guidance system can enhance our experiences in life.

Date : 5th September 2020
Time: 5 pm-6 pm IST ( 40min Session 20min Q&A )
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