Home-Made Balasiddha Oil – 500ml

My dear parents and well wishers, sorry for keeping you awaited for long time. My six months angel kept me occupied. So here is my Balasiddha oil, total nourishing herbal oil for babies and adults as well for overall health benefits.

Ayurveda defines health as a threshold structure of Mind, Body & Soul. The brilliance of ayurveda lies in treating the root cause of disease instead of its symptoms. The ayurveda is knowledge of life and this honored remedial method assists in providing the consciousness about life and health in every individual.  Let’s look at the ingredients of Balasiddha oil.


Bala ,Vacha, Neem/Tulsi, Aswagandha, Hadjod, Turmeric, Black Urad Dal, Devadaru, Manjistha, Sariba.

Devadaru(Cedrus Deodara)
It is derived from sanskrit word Devadaru meaning the ‘The Wood Of Gods’. In mythology, this is called a holy tree. This serves as an excellent detoxifier standing unique with extensive healing benefits from Acne to Ulcers. Its divine cure of numerous health benefits from Dandruff, Insomnia, Bronchitis, Cold, Caugh and Cancerous Tumors. It is also a stress buster. This herb has several neurological benefits due its calming and elevating anti depressant qualities.

Bala(Country Mallow)
This is used to increase the strength of the body, bones, muscles and joints nourishing the overall body. This herb is associated with ancient Hindu goddess of beauty and grace ‘Parvaty’. Bala is to traditionally maintain vitality. This is highly beneficial in Muscular Dystrophy and muscle weakness due to Diabetic. Epics say that Bala makes the body as strong as vajra. In Mahabharata, the Mythological story of war says that Duryodhana forgets to apply Bala oil on his upper thigh and so lost his war.

Hadjod(Cissus Quadrangularis)
This herb represents the shape of bones and joins. It is also called Vajravalli as makes the body as strong as diamond. It heals the infected wounds. Treats obesity and also a body building supplement. It is a green leafy vegetarian dish also used for making pickles.

Aswagandha(Withamia Somnifera)
It is also known as Indian Ginseng. The name Aswagandha comes from Sanskrit, The combination of Aswa – The Horses, Gandha – That means Smell. This gives strength and vitality of horse power. It is the best herb that is used to recover from prolonged illness, Calms down the mind elevating the mood. It is vatha pacifying that helps in retaining natural glow, suppleness of skin. The anti oxidant combats the growth of radicals causing ageing wrinkles, dark spots, dullness etc. Massaging with this oil cures impotency in Men. It is better used as an adaptogen to cope up stress, rejuvenates nervous system. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it’s beneficial for treating osteoporosis, pain in rheumatoid arthritis. It can normalize the immune suppressing effects of chemotherapy forming new blood vessels due to its antigenic properties. It increases the estrogen levels in body maintaining skin youthful by balancing natural skin oils. It also controls hair fall, Prematured growing of hair, prevents hair breakage and is a good skin tone.

Vacha (Bach/Acoruscalamus or Vasambu In Tamil)
Whatever you call it, its one of the herb considered very highly in Ayurveda and in Home Remedies. It is also called child herb as it is used in several health ailments in children. Its oil used to enhance memory, Intellectual power of a person. Musicians and Meditators use this herb or oil for concentration and also preferred in aroma therapy. Interestingly Vacha is a herb of saints and sages. It is highly beneficial in epilepsy and insanity. It enhances cognitive abilities. Vacha mixed with other herbs like Neem as in Balasiddha oil is excellent in treating Visceral diseases. It is best in addressing Piles. It possesses carmative properties.

Sariba (Anantha Mula, Sarasapilla, Sugandhipala)
Once can experience the healing power by yourself of this amazing herb. It is coolant and is blood purifier. This is mostly beneficial in Auto-Immune Disorders, Chronic Skin Disorders, Ecoderama, Dysyentry, Jaundice etc. Gives lusturous hair growth with shine.

Manjishta (Radixrubiaceae)
The main function of it works in circulatory system and on skin. Its red roots point to its affinity for the blood. Manjishta acts primarily as blood cleanser and purifier. The presence of quinone rubiadin demonstrates anti oxidant activity that protects against damage in free radicles. Manjistha displays ability of reducing heat and congestion with in blood flow impacting wide range of chronic inflammation disorders. It also breaks down the accumalation obstructing the blood flow ssuch as Tumours and Lumps. This oil is excellent during menstrual imbalances and cramps. Its coolant and as balancing effect on both phsical and emotional level indicating in case of Epislepsy, Autism , ADHD and other Neurological Disordders.

Neem and Tulasi
Neem and Tulasi are significantly important in India since ancient times. Vedas mention their outstanding roles in maintaining helath and curing various body disoorders. These are found in various traditional medicines. Tulsi is also known as Queen Of Herbs and one cannot summarize its efficacy in short. It is Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Inflammatory in preventing and curing various health problems. It is high in alkaloids. Neem is indigineous tree in India. It is considered Tree of 21 Century refering it to divine Tree and panacia of all diseases. It is the life giving and leading eliments in Ayurveda. Due to its high Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Histamice, it is the herb that treats all diseases from roots . The best remedy for any insect bites, immune builder against chicken pox and additionally it cures Hepatitis B virus as per recent study.

Among the Medicinal plants, few possess a white spectrum of qualities as Turmeric. The latin name for Turmeric is ‘Circumalonga’ which comes from arabic name for the plant ‘Kirkum’. It comes from Ginger family and in sanskrit its called ‘Haridra’ and ‘Kanchani’ (The Golden Goddess). Theactive properties curcumin in turmeric are best called productive properties as it is rich in Anti-Oxidants, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal. It plays an affluent roll on the body and skin that fights with anti bodies. The curcumin regulates certain growth factors signalling molecules in the tumour that ultimately arrests the growth of tumour cells. It treats well all skin disorders, body aches, virals and flues an is anti-allergitic. Lactating mothers who experience pain in breasts due to mastitis can apply this oil followed by hot fumentation gives great relief .It is best in cosmetic industry for curing acne and pimples. Removal of facial hair and skin lightening, stretch marks etc. It is good source Vitamin B6 and Vitamin – C

Black urad / Vigna mungo
Its rich in vitamin B ,protein and iron majorly. Its exfolicator useful in skin rejuvenating & nourishing properties. In ancient india urad dal was used as cosmetic purpose. It removes skin tan and improves complexion . Eliminates dead skin. Blackgram when mixed with sesame oil highly beneficial in rheumatic inflammation, knee pain if applied and massaged externally . Its considered effective in combating prostrate and pancreatic cancer . It’s a rich remedy for diseases like facial or partial body paralysys . As long lustrous hair is womens beauty , a hair pack of urad dal nourishes turning it into silky and shine. It strengthens the body energy levels increasing life span .It increases milk secretion in lactating mothers. Best pulse as crowned by ayurveda in treating erectile dysfunction and due to its aphrodisiac properties it increases sperm count and motility in men .


Choosing the quality of herbs comes with expertise to serve the healing purpose of the oil. Weigh each herb 70 to 80 gms and hand pound them. Later sieve it into fine powder to ensure it doesn’t prick the body. Take 2 lts of cold pressed gingelly / cocunut oil add herbal powder into a kadai along with oil and start boiling until the whole ingredients turn black. Keep it aside. Let the whole concotion settle down and store in hygenic container. show it to sun for continuous 3 days to absorb the suns rays to enhance its healing energy. This oil goes for a family of four members for regular oil bath.


One can either apply ubtan on skin and for a bath and later apply this oil all over the body so as to make skin supple .this is best to address dry skin either in adults and babies .

Alternatively mix ubtan with this oil and use it as a scrub to polish the skin. please avoid any soaps for shiny glossy and smooth skin

The third method of using for babies and adults if time permitts on daily basis or weekends massage with this oil leaving for 20 minutes for better absorption standing under morning sun rays wld be effective cleansing the 7 layers of skin and scrub with ubtan if oily skin

At request of many parents, while I make for my children, I also make extra to share it the requested parents.

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Pregnant ladies can avoid this oil till third trisemister .Best to use post delivery to cleaning and purifiying the whole system ..a perfect detoxification strengthening the body and its muscles shaping up the abdomin .

Author: Lakshmi Bharadwaj

Lakshmi Bharadwaj, known as OJAS in whatsapp group, is a home-maker and mother of three lovely kids. She comes with a rich tradition that follows home-remedies, which makes her a passionate towards ancient knowledge in Ayurveda naturopathy and herbs. She is one of the sincere and senior member of swarnaprashana watsapp parenting community. She has been constantly guiding new parents and with her continuous selfless efforts on various social and educative platforms. She is a small startup entrepreneur made it a step ahead in collaborating O&S HERBALS with BALAMRIT and MILKMASLA which stood to her expectations with her efforts. In 2015, She was the Parent of the month for her exceptional guidance in home-remedies to many parents in our whatsapp community.

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