March 2021 Events & Enrollments

1. Gurukul by Velu Jayaprakash

Pendulum Dowsing, Telepathy, Lacher Antenna

Date: 27th March 2021

We are back!!! Coming to meet you all @Bangalore With an interesting workshop…
• Ask your pendulum when you need help in decision making
• Learn Distance healing through Telepathy
• Clear negative energies with lecher Antenna

Visit and Enroll :

Registration closes on 26th March 2021

2. eGurukul by Velu Jayaprakash

Gem Therapy

Dates: 29th March– 31st March

Sparkle, Shine & Heal in your spiritual journey. Learn how to balance and heal in Relationships, Business, Kids, Health, Spiritual Practices through Gems…

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Registration closes on 26th March 2021

3 .Services


Golden medicine for our Golden children.

For Enrollments visit:

Bach Flower Therapy Based on Birthday

Floral essence to heal your body and mind, thus adding a positive fragrance to your life

For Enrollments visit:

Have a Fabulous February with our Webinar, eGurukul and Wellness programs!!!

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