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1.SAde sati – saturn trtansit remedies for all 12 rashis

by Velu JayaprakashDate: 24th January,2021

Saturn Transition – Is a phase of psychic, karmic and emotional influences in our lifes. It is the time to repay, let go and forgive. Lets learn the influence of saturn on all Raashis and remedies for the smooth sailing during Ezharai Sani/Sade satti in this Exclusive and gripping Webinar

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2. cyber security awareness – adults and children

by Kavya VikasDate: 25th, 26th and 27th January,2021

With the PANEDEMIC and everything revolving around gadgets for everyone, have we ever wondered the hidden threats we ignore in the world of Cyber Space ???. Lets Understand cyberspace, the hidden threats and the ways on how to keep our children and oursleves safe behind the screen in this 3 day Exclusive eGurukul.

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Golden medicine for our Golden children.

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Bach Flower Therapy Based on Birthday

Floral essence to heal your body and mind, thus adding a positive fragrance to your life

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Transit Astrology Reading – Online Report

For people who are seeking solution or advice for the current situation in their life.

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Medical Astrology Reading – Online Report

For people who are spending a lot in medicinal expense, this will give you a clear direction.

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