Curry Leaves Kheer – A healthy morning drink

Curry Leaves Kheer


  1. Two handsful of Curry Leaves
  2. 2 -3 medium size pieces of Coconut (Or a bit less than half a crown)
  3. 5 – 6 spoons of powdered Jaggery/Country Sugar (Depending on how sweet you want it)
  4. A bunch of Coriander Leaves
  5. A piece or two of Ginger
  6. 4-5 Elachi
Curry Leaves Kheer (you may additionally add a carrot or beetroot piece as well)


  1. In a blender or mixie, grind all the ingredients listed together
  2. For children, filter the liquid and separate the fiber out
  3. For adults, you may consume the juice as-is with the fiber if possible else you may filter the fiber out as well. Feed the pulp to your plants/compost.
  4. Your super healthy Curry leaves kheer is ready. Pour into a re-usable glass and enjoy the innumerable health benefits.

Few Health Benefits:

  1. Extremely good for your hair and scalp; Promotes hair growth and controls hair fall
  2. Helps increase digestive power and heals stomach ulcers
  3. Good for dealing with women health related problems
  4. The Kheer is also a complete nutritionally balanced drink – Curry leaves provide Iron, Magnesium, and Calcium, Jaggery provides Carbohydrates and Iron, Coriander helps balance the heat generated by Iron (compensating excess pitta), and Coconut acts a natural source of rich Protein, and Ginger helps increase digestive power.


Author: Vaijayanthi

Vaijayanthi is a Sustainable Living Coach who firmly believes in the ancient wisdom of minimalistic living and circular economy where nothing was ever considered a waste. She advocates and conducts workshops and training sessions on Chemical-free living and sustainable living practices. She also takes Gardening workshops for children in Bangalore and hopes to empower them with the knowledge to grow their own food.

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