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We are building an extensive list of Ayurvedic practitioners around the world who promote not only swarna prashana, but any holistic healing practices relating to women, kids and family. Please get in touch with us to provide information about your camp details. We will review and publish it.

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  • UK: +44 7846 774010 / +44 7525 845258
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467 thoughts on “Ayurvedic camps or clinic for swarna prashana”

  1. I reside in HSR layout. Looking for nearest certified ayurvedic centre for Swarna Bindu prashana for my 7 months old son. Appreciate your help.

  2. Hi I reside in Rachenahalli main road Thanisandra can you please suggest an nearest Swarna Bindu prashna centre. Please I need this information very urgently.

    1. We have sent a detailed email and a request for you join our group to be in touch. do get back to us if you need further help.

  3. Hi, Can you please help me with the certified Ayuvedic Centre for swarna bindu prashana in Bangalore near Koramangala or HSR layout?

  4. Hey I always take my baby for Swarna Prashana drop near Arekere branch, but now I am in Basavanagudi. Anyone know here nearby branch for Swarna Prashana

  5. Can you please help me with the certified Ayuvedic Centre for swarna bindu prashana in Bangalore near Channasandra / Whitefield.

  6. Can you please help me with the certified Ayuvedic Centre for swarna bindu prashana in Bangalore near Ulsoor.
    Thank you

  7. I am residing in ayyappa nagar, K R Puram and looking for nearest swarna bindu prashana centre. Appreciate your help

  8. Hi
    I want to known u arganised d camp in ulhasnagar on the date 23 feb 2017 by the Dr.Aarush.s. patil Ayurvedic which was cancel n the 2 people are came given bottles door to door each bottle 100rs its names written on bottle suvarnaprashn its original or fake pls inform me

  9. Hi this is Thriveni Luking for swarms prashana for my 2 yrs daughter.i reside in yelhanka,so please let me know nearest point

  10. Hello! I am from Borivali(Mumbai). My son is 1.5years old. Please send me details of nearby center where I can get swarnaprashan.

    1. We have send a details email. do read it and also do join the whatsapp group to connect with link minded parents to learn and share ancient wisdom and practices.

  11. My son is 4 yr old.. Please suggested me a swarnaprashana center around Bannergatta road Bangalore.

  12. My son is 2 years 10 months old and we want to start swarna prashana. We stay in Valasaravakkam,chennai. Please advise us any nearby center.

    1. There is no camp in Singapore, But most of the parents, they collect it from when they visit india or by Fedex. We would encourage you join our parenting whatsapp group. It is very active, with parents all over the world.

  13. Hi ,
    My son is2yrs old and I would like to give this drops to my son.Please let me know the locations near mahalakshmi layout,bangalore

    1. We are not sure about centre in Dubai. but most of the parents from UAE take while they are in india. Do join our whatsapp group to know more.

  14. Hi,
    I want to give this to my 2 years old kid. Im in Ambattur, Chennai. Can you please let me know where this campign is conducted near our area.

  15. Hi,

    My son is 3 yrs old. He has been diagnosed with autism. can you please advise the dose of swarna prashan i.e. daily, weekly or monthly?

    1. This is will be advised by dr. There are dr in our group who can help you. Do join our whatsapp group to be in touch.

  16. My native is erode. Currently staying in Hyderabad.. Is there any centre for giving drops in Hyderabad or erode?

  17. Hello am looking for locations near Wipro Sarjapur in Bengaluru for swarnabinduprashan. Please suggest

  18. Hi ,
    My son is 3 years old and is allergic to dust,due to which he gets cold most often.can you please suggest any Auryveda doctor in bhubaneshwar for swarna prashan

  19. I would like to enrole my 2 kids aged 2 and 8 yr old. Please guide me with the details of swarnaprasanna..residing in chennai.pls give me the details

  20. Please send details, for my son. Please mention address also where i can visit to take this holy medicine to my son. Thanks

  21. I am staying in Devaiah park (i.e near srirampura metro station) in Bangalore. Is there any centre nearby to give this drops to my Kid?

  22. Hello , we are located near doddakannalli , near to Wipro sarjapur . Can you please let us know the nearest location ?
    We need to go on 15 th of this month .

  23. Hi, I live in Nagavara (near Manyata tech park), Bangalore. Can you pls tell me the nearest center for Swarna bindu Prashanam.

  24. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I have six and half year old son and he is having autism and we gave Swarna prashana once for a month and then stopped it for six months and started it again one and half month back. I heard that this medicine should be given continuously for six months and should be stopped forever after that. now I am not sure if there will be any side effects because of six month gap between first month dosage and second month dosage and how long I should continue. Could you please clarify? Thanks for your help in advance.

    Ramakrishna Pujari

    1. Dear Ramakrishana Pujari
      As you have discontinued swarnprashana after first month, you have to restart swp from the beginning. There is no side effect in swp and you have to continue at least once a month for minimum 2 years.

      Dr Lakshmi

      1. Hello
        I would like to give swara prashna to my 2.5 year old kid. Can you please help me with details like where to get it? which doctor to consult, etc etc

        I am already a member of the Brahmi Holistic group(Or there is some other group as well ?)


        1. You are in the right place. Dr in the group will announce it every month. or ping the admin’s they will direct you to the dr.

      1. Hi
        I am located at Udayanagar (near Pai-layout) old madras road. Bangalore.
        Could you please share a centre near by for swarna prashan drops .

  25. Hi, I am very interested in learning more about Swarna Prashana. It is such a gift to us for children and the future of humanity. I am very grateful for your website. I work extensively with children and follow Ayurveda. This is my second time to India and I have been here almost a year. I would like to one day bring Swarna Prashana to children in the USA. Please contact me and let me know how I can meet someone from your organization or help it grow. Thank you.

  26. Hi…I would like to know more about swarnaprashana for my 2 and half year old son. He suffers from cold and cough very frequently. Also please let me know the centers close to Kalyan Nagar.

  27. Hi, I have 4 year kid. We have given her 5 doses on every pushya month and skipped dose for 4 months now , so can we continue with other doses now? Should we start from 1st dose?

    1. Since you have given a long gap. Many would treat is from start. I would suggest start and practise as per Dr suggestion and consistently. All the best!

  28. This we can give to child along with regular vaccination?

    Also want to know the duration of this? My child is 5 month old.

    Sandeep Chavan

  29. As I hv gone through various conversation it’s mentioned that swarna prashana should be given before 5 yrs, but my kid has turned 5 on 18th Feb.
    Still it will b effective if given now.

  30. Greetings,

    We live in Los Angeles California. We would like to give to my son who is having Autism. Would you please let us know where can we get this.

    Best Regards

  31. Hello… My daughter is 4 months old… Should I give her the drops on daily basis? Also what is the ideal time to give the drops (feeding after every 2 hours)?

  32. My kid is 3.5 yrs old.I want to give him swarnaprash. Can u plz tell me if there is any centre near Vidyaranpura, Bangalore.??

  33. Hi
    I have a kid who is taking allopathy medication for thyroid and seizure daily ..he also has developmental delay ..he is two years old ….can I give swarna prashan for him..Is there any camp in chennai or any other chennai contact

  34. Hi
    I have a kid who is taking allopathy medication for thyroid and seizure daily ..he also has developmental delay ..he is two years old ….can I give swarna prashan for him..Is there any camp in chennai or any other chennai contact

  35. Hi,

    I am looking for my 4.10 years boy to go for swarnaprashana.
    Pl can you pl me to enroll for it.I stay at whitefield so looking for a location near by.

  36. Hi,
    I just got to know about the swarna prashana from one my friend yesterday who is being giving this to her daughter.
    I would also like to give it to my children, the elder one being 7.5 yrs and the younger one being 16 mths. Both of them fall sick very often and we will have to give them antibiotics. I am so fed up with the repeated exercises of antibiotics. They do not eat well as well. Does this swarnaprashana provide them good health. Also, I found a place in AECS Layout (near Ragam Mega store) where it says “Sri Organics”… will I be able to get the medicines from there. Would you great if you could please provide me a contact number / person whom I can talk to in this regard. Thanks… Bindu

  37. Hi

    My daughter is 3.5yrs old .Sheis suffering from allergic coughs/wheezing for the past 1 yr and is undergoing homeopathic treatment.
    We wish to build her immunity so that she has a normal childhood. Can we start and give swarnaprashana continuously for 30 days/6 months?


    1. Proper consultation with our doctors, and few lifestyle changes will definitely help your situation. Apart from this giving swarnaprashana continuously improves immunity.

  38. Hi,

    I would like to start swarna prashana for my 3.5 yrs daughter.
    She has been suffering from allergic coughs for the past 1 yr and is undergoing homeopathy treatment. Can we start swarnaprashana?


  39. I have a girl child with severe non verbal autism, she has no communication at all, she is about 10 years. Will swarna prasanna be beneficial for her? If so please give me the nearest swarna prasanna outlet address, I live in Burdwan West bengal, it is about 100 kms. From Kolkata.

    1. Hi
      Swarnaprashana can be given to your child. It will be definitely benefit her in terms of her physical and mental growth. It can be given as additional therapy to your child along with the regular treatment. For swarnprashana please enroll yourself in the watsapp group.

      Dr Lakshmy

  40. Hi.. I would like to give swara prashana to my 1 yr daughter. Jan 2016 pushya nakshatra is on 24th. Where i can get the swara prashana? Can u courier it to my address before the date or is there any center near Kengeri Upnagar, Bangalore?

  41. Our 6.5 old Autistic kid is non verbal, will taking Swarna Prasana improve his condition. We are in UK so please advice how we can get this preparation.

    1. There are proper treatments in Ayurveda for autism. There will be internal medicines as well as external treatments that may have to be repeated few times. All treatments depends on age and condition of child. Please get in touch me or any ayurveduc dr to get the right information. There is a dedicated whatsapp group for Autistic children. Please join to enable yourself to approach this from a holistic perspective.

  42. sir i wish to give these swarn drops to my baby 1 yr old .i am afrom patiala punjab india . pls tel me the nearest place .

  43. Hi Team,
    These days SWP is available in most of the ayurvedic clinics. Please let me know how it is different from others or all are mixing in same proporton?

  44. Hi,

    I am interested to give swarna prashana to my kid who is.
    2 year old.
    I am staying at Devsandra, KR Puram. (Near Krishna Theater).
    Please let me know the near by camp or center to my place.


  45. I would like to enrole my 2 kids aged 4.5 and 8 yr old. Please guide me with the details of swarnaprashana.
    My contactt no.9849924150

  46. Hello..I am live in Chennai .please let me know any camp or ayurvedic centre in Chennai.I get swrnprashan to my baby.please reply

  47. Hi,

    I stay in electronic city, Bangalore . Can you please let me know the details of where it is done .
    I have 8 months old baby.

    Thank you,

  48. Hi,

    I stay in electronic city, Can you please let me know the details of where it is done .
    I have 8 months old baby.

    Thank you,

  49. Hello, i want to enrol my 4 year old daughter for SWP. Can you please tell me contact numbers or centres, preferably in sarjapur,HSR area?

  50. I would like to start swarnaprashana for my 13 months old son. I live in Bangalore. Can u please let me know the process to get this medicine.

  51. I am having 10 months old girl, please tell me which one i have to choose SWP with ARKA or without ARKA, IF possible please tell me the difference?

  52. Hi
    We want to give swarnaprashna for my daughter who is 1.5 years old. She is very weak and weighs only 9 kgs and often falls sick. Kindly let me know if there is any center near Bommanhalli/HSR to give these swarnaprashna drops.

  53. I am interested in this. I would like to give it to my Kids. Please let me know the process for the same.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Uma Latkar

  54. I am staying in OMBR layout in Banaswadi, Bangalore. Will you please tell me the nearest center for taking this medcine for my 2.5 yr old kid.
    What is the usual charges for every offering also, please mention.


  55. i m in blore and giving this for my kids from 18 months. Now, they are 5 years. I want to give this for kids everyday. Is it possible. Please let me know.

  56. My daughter is 2.5 years old .she oftens falls ill.. please tell me complete information on suvarnaprashan yog.. and where it is given in borivali

  57. Hi ,We stay in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Kindly let us know the address where the swarnabindu is availalble.

  58. My son is 4 years old , autistic and non verbal. We are in USA. Please help me how it will be available for me and can it be beneficial for him.

  59. Have a son and a daughter aged 17 n 11 respectively . Can they get be benefitted by swarnprashna in this age also . Please enlighten me how I can improve their health n immune system .

  60. Hi…
    I am planning to give swarna prashna to my both kids….elder is 4.5 old,younger is 3….
    I am in Harlur road,off sarjapur road…..
    Can’t u pls help to find near by clinic…,
    How many time’s should u give…..,
    Is there any specific time and date…to take the swarna prashna…….

  61. Hi Dr.,my baby s one month prematured born..now on 2/10/2015 She has completed three months now.. My relative told she s prematured n it may deposit in kidney.. She told to give twice a week.. Can I give swarna prashana daily to her? or twice a week.. Plz clear my confusion

    1. You can give swarnaprashan every pushyanakshatra day from 6th month onwards.You can give arka that is a part of swarnaprashana every day .The gold bhasma used in swarnaprashana is proven for not having any toxic effects in the body .Please read our article about gold bhasma in the website.

  62. My baby is about 2 and half yaears old and i want full information and method of swarnprashan for my baby.and where is it available in dehradoon Uttarakhand.please guide me

  63. Can you tell me if swarna prasana dose given to a child having cold, will cause any problem, what can be the side effects, how it can be harmful. I have read on internet that same should not be given if child.having cold or fever…..i am little worried

    1. Swarnaprashana contains gold bhasma.It is a prescribed medicine for chronic ailments including fever.Swarnaprashana is used as a rasayana or rejuvinator and given to children during normal health condition and chronic illness.Swarnaprashana doesnt have any side effects.It is better to avoid in acuite conditiions such as during fever and severe cold as the child ll not be benefitted by swanrnaprashan .

  64. I had give swarna prasana to my daughter. And next month I m going to Surat ( Gujarat) for one month. Pls tell the address where can I give next month swarna prasana in Surat.

  65. Hi, I would like to get it for my 20 months old twins. Pls let me know where can I get it Dubai. Also what is the cost of the medicine. My kids already have some vitamin medicine as their Paediatrician told to continue it till two years old and they are underweight. Let me know the dosage also. Thanks in advance

  66. Hi,

    I have newborn baby how can i get benefit from swarnaprashna….please guide..me..asap.

    K. Srinivas.
    Mobile. No.9160044544

  67. I have a 6 year old autistic kid We are in USA. Please let me know which doctor in Hyderabad can I consult and how should I follow the medicine routine, will it help at all, as I read before 5 is good?

    1. You can certainly give swarnaprashana for 6 year old.Swarnaprashana can be given till 11- 14 yrs. The maximum benefit is achieved when given during the brain development of the child.We do have parents from Hyderabad in our group who are giving swarnaprashana. and I do consultation with the parents before giving swanrnaprashna.You can consult any ayurvedic doctor in Hyderabad who gives swarnaprashana and follow their advise.

  68. I am interested to give swarna pashana to my son who is 2.5years old, I m staying in Tumkuru, so please let me know the nearby camp or center to my place

  69. I am Vihaan’s Mom and Vihaan is 2.5 yr old.
    I started on with swarna prashana when he was 1.4 yrs. I would like to receive all the updates on holistic child care.

    Hava a Question.
    My son is often prone to cold, even after the swarna prashna is started off. Let me know if there is any suggestion on this

  70. I am interested to give swarna pashana to my daughter who is 2.9years old, I m staying in Tumkuru, so please let me know the nearby camp or center to my place

  71. We are from Houston Texas. Our 3 year old son is recently diagnosed with Autism. We are looking for any help that you can provide. Considering / hoping Swarna Amrutha Prashana will help my son to fight back his issues.

    Looking forward to hear more details on how and where we can get this medicine.

    Thank you.

  72. My son is autistic kid and non verbal.he is 4 years old. We are in USA. Please help me how it will be available for me and can it be beneficial for him

  73. satish kumar – October 28, 2014 at 4:45 PM
    I am interested to give swarna bindu to my8 months old KID.
    I am staying at Vijaya Bank Colony, Krishna Nagar, Devasandra, KR Puram.
    Please let me know the near by camp or center to my place.


  74. Hi,
    I live near L.P Savani Road, adajan Surat, Gujarat-395009. Is there any center near by , where I can get the swarna prashana drops for my son (2.5 years) or I can buy from any ayurvedic medicine store.
    My son has autism. Can he take swarna prashana?


  75. Hi – I have 2 children aged 2 and 6. I would like to give Swarna Bindu Prashana for them. Is there someone around Thiruvanmiyur that can administer that? Thanks in advance.

  76. Hi, I live in Singasandra (near electronic city), bangalore. Please let me know near by camp for Swarna Prashana. I have 3 year old daughter.

  77. Hello,

    I want to give Swarna Prashana to my sons of ages 8 and 2. I live in Indira Nagar.

    Can you please let me know the centers which provide the drops.

    Also, I have heard today is Pushya nakshtram so can u tell me if it is possible to give the medicine at 7 or 7.30 today, as I am back from office only by then.

    Please advise,

    Thank You,

  78. I am staying in munnekolala. I saw your advertisement in sanjeevini clinic. Where I can go and get the swarna prashana drops.

  79. Hi,
    I stay near K.R.Puram/Hoodi. I am planning to give Swarnabindu drops to my 7 and half month baby. Please let me know the place and time of the medicine.


  80. Hi,
    I have 2 kids, aged 5.5 n 2.5 yrs old.
    1)Will swarna prashan help my sons for immunity n concentration?
    2) I live in pune, do u ship it?
    3) what are your charges?
    4) will my 5.5 yr old benefit from it?

    1. Yes ur both sons ll be benefited with swarnaprashana in their physical and mental growth.You can reach me by email or phone for a consultation.

  81. Hi,
    Can you please explain about Swarnaprashana. I have 15 months old baby. I am at Whitefield. Can I start this to my baby?

  82. Hi,
    I stay near marathahalli. I am planning to give these drops to my 1.5y baby. Please let me know the place and time of the medicine.


  83. Hi, I stay in Porur-chennai. Is there any centre near by porur or in chennai where I can get Swarna Prashana bindu for my son ?

  84. Hi
    I live in Houston Texas, USA and I would like to start my 1.5 yr old son on Swarna Prashana. He keeps falling sick often and I want to build his immune system. Please tell me where I can get swarna prashana here in the USA. THANKS

  85. HI, I’m put up in koramangala first block, Bangalore, kindly let me know the nearest place where i can give swarna prashana to my kid.

  86. We are staying in anantapuram- A.P.could u please tell us the nearest swarna prasana centre for my 5 years daughter who frequently falling with respiratory difficulties.

  87. Hi,

    I am staying near chandapura in bangalore. please tell me near by center address for swarna bindu prashana of my son. thank you.

  88. Hi
    I live in Uttarahalli. can you please suggest the nearest center for this dosage?
    Also, would like to know the cost for each dose.

  89. I stay in kodichikanahalli…..please tell me near by center address for swarna bindu prashana of my daughter…thank you

  90. We stay in mothi nagar, Hyderabad, near SR nagar. Please suggest us the nearest place to get medicines and usage of the medicine for my autistic child aged about 4.5 years. Typically mile stone child.

    Thanking you.

  91. I stay in J P nagar 5th phase, kindly let me know the nearest place where i can administer the swarna prashana to my kid.

  92. Hi, My son is 4 years now. We used to give him Swarna Bindu when we were in Bangalore. When he was around 2 years. Now in between we got transferred and we have not given him that for about a year now. Can we again start now? We are in Kerala. Pls help.

  93. We were staying in Bangalore and was giving Swarnaprashana to my 5 years old son since last year. Last month only we shifted to Noida. We are worried that we have to stop giving this to my son in case of unavailability of any center. Please help, is there any center that provides swarnaprashana in Delhi NCR or specifically in Noida

    1. My question is same. I have started suvarnaprashan for my 3.6 yr old son when in Mumbai, on monthly Pushya Nakshtra day. Now shifting to Noida, and have been unable to find any authentic centre for the same. Please help.

  94. Please let me know the nearest location to marathalli.. I am planning to take it for my kid on June 20th 2015, And also let me know the price for one time??

  95. My sister’s kid is suffering from Autism. He’s 6.5 years old. Will taking Swarna Bindu benefit him and will be totally safe for him? Where in Noida/Delhi is this given?

    1. Swarna Bindu does help, but you need to follow other advises. Please check with your dr. We have also send a detailed email for you.

  96. Hello… We currently live in San Francisco, USA. My 3 year old kid used to be given the Swarnaprashana drops while we lived in Bangalore. Can you please let me know if it is available in the San Francisco/Bay area and share the details of the same if any.

  97. Can i take it for whitening.. i am 21… will it work?… i do yoga so i have good blood circulation… is there any history that above age 20 have skin color change aftr intaking suvarna bhasma…

  98. I live in Marathahalli. Where can I get the drops? Can these be bought earlier and administered every month on the given date? On school days it is difficult to bring the child early morning on an empty stomach to the camp, hence the question.

  99. Hi,

    How many times can Swarna prashana be given to a child. Is there some specific count or days. Should it be give every day, month or ?

  100. I have 3 years baby. i want to join swarna Prasanna for my baby. kindly guide us. my mobile number is +91 97xxx xxx10.

  101. Hi we are currently living in Houston USA and used to give swarnaprashana while we stayed in bangalore. Where can we get swarnaprashana here

    1. Probably because honey is the most adulterated item in the market. But, Ayurvedia and Siddha is lives in honey based medicine.

  102. I have 2 kids aged 6 months and 7 yrs. Let me no how this will help them and from where we will get this. I am from Mumbai

  103. hello,

    I have come across this post and found interesting. I am living in UK, my daughter is 12 months old, how can I get this???


  104. I m at Coimbatore …..May i know where is ur camp here…..My child’s age is 16 months old….n i m vaccinating allopathic too….is possible to start swarnaprasan now….n i have 8 years old son also is it advisable for him Also

  105. Hi.. I stay in Ranibennur (in between Hubli and Davangere). Is there any centre near by.. My baby is 15 months old..

  106. Could you please let me know where in Indiranagar and HSR Layout is Swarna Prashana administered? My daughter is already 3yrs old. Can I start administering Swarna Prashana to her? Would it be helpful?


    1. Call us at the said number below (or share your number). Indira nagar is better. yes, you can give for 3rd years till they reach 12 to 15 years. since your are giving it before 5, Yes it will be use full. Dr. will give more details. All the best!

  107. Hi,

    My kid is already in his 9th month. From when should i have started these?
    When at the earliest can i start going forward?
    However, we are very regular with his vaccination schedules. About swarnaprashna iam getting to know only now. Would having both allopathy and swarnaprashna cause any issue?

    Please enlighten me on this.


    1. Thanks for reaching us Gayathri. You can start as early as birth, which you would have already done at the birth you would have dipped a golden ring with honey. Otherwise, It safe to start any time, best is before 5 years as brain development is at peak.

      As for as Swarnaprashan, you can do other regular vaccination. check with both your dr and ayurvedia dr. If you can share you number, can we can discuss more in details.

    1. Yes, you can get it for month course. In fact, that is what the script suggests and many paretns leaving abroad do this more often.

  108. I would like to know if there are any camps in Pune, Hadapsar…My kids are 12 & 8…older kid a boy has allergic bronchitis….which has reduced with age…..he is hyperactive & can’t focus on a activity for long…will these drops help him..

    1. SWP could help, but you need to have a detailed consuting with dr. and take other preventive and curative action.
      We do have a parents coordinator in pune. Please share your mobile number. we will get in touch with you.

  109. Hello,

    I am hearing different opinions from my friends may be due to lack of knowledge. Just to confirm does this affect Kidneys of a kid due to heavy metal (again many told its very pure so no worries). Kid is 2 Months and planning to go for this.


    1. The heavy metals used in ayurveda are in the form of bhasma..The bhasmas are bio absorbable nanoparticles..Recent study by IIT Karaghpur tells that these nanoparticles do not cause any toxicity and gets excreted from the body. More over the swarnaprashana contains approx 2 mg per dose which is very negligible to cause any toxicity or deposit.

      For further reference: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kozhikode/Toxins-in-ayurvedic-drugs-No-say-experts/articleshow/38662553.cms

  110. Hi,

    I am interested to give swarna prashana to my kids.
    Both are 6 years and 4 years.
    I am staying at Ayyappa Nagar, KR Puram. (Near Narayana e-kids).
    Please let me know the near by camp or center to my place.


  111. Hi I stay in Tippasandra area in Bangalore. I want to give swarna prashan drops to my 6 month old daughter. Let me know the nearest area.

    1. Dear Jerry, We conduct camp in and around Indira Nagar. you can drop in here or do share your number (swarnaprashana@gmail.com) to us we will find out a dr. near your place.

  112. Hi,
    I live in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Is there any center in bbsr, where I can get the swarna prashana drops for my son (2.5 years) or any brand that I can buy from any ayurvedic medicine store.
    My son has autism and also he has a congenital defect ( mega ureter) . Can he take swarna prashana?

    give my son the droos

    1. Dear Anita, We do not have center at Bhubanneswar. But we do know ayurvedic dr in your area. give us your email / mobile. we will make sure you get the someone close by or we will work what is best for your son.

      mail us your number: swarnaprashana@gmail.com

  113. @Sravani Kumari: Indira Nagar happy hour day care or The Creative School should be near. I think we spoke over phone. feel free to get in touch with us any time.

  114. Hi,
    I stay near marathahalli. I am planning to give these drops to my 2.5 yrs old son. Please let me know the place and time of the medicine.



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