Cosmic healing with birth stars and trees.

Energize your soul with nature’s greatest gift to mankind, trees!

The miraculous Arjuna tree

Forwarded by : Lakshmi || Source : Unknown Lots has been mentioned about the benefit of Arjunarisht for heart related problems. Here are a plethora of gains by thisone herb,please read on may be somewhere it will help you. The use of arjuna reduces excess bile, cures acidity, and brings stability in blood circulation. It brings … Continue reading “The miraculous Arjuna tree”

Embracing a chemical-free life with Natural Cleaners

Let’s do a small quiz before you start reading this blog, shall we? It’s very simple – just try to answer the following questions taking as much time as you need. How many cleaning products do you use in your home? (including your personal care products) Can you list at least 10 of them? Can … Continue reading “Embracing a chemical-free life with Natural Cleaners”

Stop worrying about entertaining your child.

The creative adult is a child who survived My son is 3.5 yr old and in junior kg class … daily I take his study Lyke writing and oral for one an hour… I just want to know am I doing right or I need to do something else in that one hour … wt … Continue reading “Stop worrying about entertaining your child.”

Eco-Friendly Natural hygiene practice

Organic and Natural native food and lifestyle is the new change in life. Now, it is time to go natural and eco-friendly with our hygiene practices.

5th Year Celebration of whatsapp group

It is a long journey from where this group of parents started 5 years ago, with 6 parents. Today, as we stand, this group of like-minded people committed to nourish their kids and live a holistic life with ancient wisdom gifted to us by our ancestors, has grown strong with 6500+ parents and continues to … Continue reading “5th Year Celebration of whatsapp group”

Saturagiri – An unforgettable journey.

It starts from a message being floated in the holistic group saying “the first ever outstation trip being arranged for our parents community’’. Prior to this I had never heard about Saturagiri at all. But the messages said that it a very holistic place and lot of healing and blessings one receives with the visit. … Continue reading “Saturagiri – An unforgettable journey.”

My discovery of Sathuragiri has just begun.

When Velu Jayaprakash, the author of, brought up the idea of visiting Sathuragiri Hills, I found myself instantly agreeing to go on this journey. It was an idea thrown open to all members of our whatsapp group, that have come together to discuss ancient sciences and holistic parenting. Unlike myself, to agree so readily … Continue reading “My discovery of Sathuragiri has just begun.”

The abode of Siddhars – Sathuragiri

Holding the worlds apart, as the Heavens high He spreads; Himself the scorching Fire, Sun and Moon, Himself the Mother that sends down the rains Himself the mountains strong and oceans cold. – A poetic verse no.10 from Tirumantiram Shiva, the mighty god of gods, is revered since many yugas in India. Shiva, also represents … Continue reading “The abode of Siddhars – Sathuragiri”

SATHURAGIRI: Penance in Motion

Sathuragiri – the benign looking quaint hills tucked away near the picturesque sleepy town of Watrup (Virudhnagar) belie the arduous journey that lies in wait. At its onset the cemented, mildly elevated pathway appears beseeching, shrouded with thick green vegetation on either side, giving you no clue of the soul-stirring, mind-numbing climb up ahead. But … Continue reading “SATHURAGIRI: Penance in Motion”